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 I dreamed to come this city when I was just a little boy sitting on  my grandfather's lap and listening to his short descriptions about New York  as we thumbed trough his old photo album in his study. When I actually set my foot on this island , the city and I clicked instantly.

I love and appreciate this endearing, vibrant and energetic city. I certainly can talk you ear off for all reasons why I am for it. Let me give one; You can always find a good place to eat in any occasion or any time of day. In this town, the classic and ingenious restaurants may be situated next with those chic cafes and trendy single-item food parlors on the same streets without exchanging insults. What is more, every year there is an influx of ambitious and creative young chefs who come from other cities of America and other continents of the world to trial out their passions of their lives. As a byproduct, a growing army of affluent and food-savory young professionals are constantly on the move, chasing the next sensational food to indulge their palates.

Even though I may be among those foodies, there is a big difference, beside looking for the next hit, I often find myself keep going back to these simple, time-tested , yet the finest kind of food in this city. For example, Bagel is one of them. People may ask “Are you kidding, you mean the the bagel we can find in the most delis and piled on every supermarket breakfast shelves across America ?” My answer is a “Yes” and a “No” . True, they do share the same name, but contents, toppings and textures plus a passion to compete the the title of very best would set the bagel you know and the one I am talking about far apart.

As the matter of fact, many bagel shops in this city thrive or build their whole business model only on selling bagels and things that go with them. Here, people have their limit, standard and preference on about almost everything, including which bagel shop is the best ,and where you would find the most authentic one or most tasty toping. Granted, I am not a food critic, but based upon my personal experiences , H & H and Ess-a-Bagel would be the sure bet.

I have traveled around the globe for business and pleasure, yet so far I have not been able to locate same quality of bagels and variety of toppings similar to those two. For one thing, most bagels outside of NYC are served in cold or toasted in a toaster, that is a “fatal” mistake in a Bagel Alfredo's eyes, The toppings that people in other places put on the bagel are also so punny and dull, butter, cream cheese and some other substitute fat are the main staple. But in this town, the toppings on the bagel are the big part of eating bagel experiences, one can choose single topping or combine a parade of the choices, bold, subtle, sensual, sweet, exotic, erotic, healthy, delicious …. It is all up to you to decide your topping combinations bases upon your mood and persons whom you are with that day.

Bagel is in the category of complex carbohydrates. With rich selections of topping, some of the bagel can shoot over 500 cal. That is why I'd I usually eat my favorite bagel only after I finish jogging or after my gym hour so that I can enjoy the goody while my body and brain need fuel to function.

This early morning, I got up and ran 7 miles in the park. Temp was in high tenth, and the bone-chilly nw wind made my face numb. However, I felt great and relaxed as I enjoyed the great views of the twinkle stars embedded on the dark sky and beautiful holiday lights decorated around the buildings in my sights.

Before returning to my apt to wash up, I went to Ess-a-Bagel which was just opened for business, I ordered my usual, the fresh baked sesame bagel with sliced smoke salmon, sun dry tomato and a touch of soft goat cheese. That was a yummy threat before I kicked off new stressful day. As I was walking and sipping my coffee on the street, the city was embraced strangely by this surreal quietness and tranquility in the early morning. I knew pretty soon this peaceful moment will disappear without a single trace and be replaced by noisy, mandate and “cutting-throat” activities that this city witnesses every day. All of sudden, I am thinking of warm sun shine.

Note: The photo comes from Internet.

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纵然平行 回复 悄悄话 回复苏乡门地的评论:
Wish you were Santa this year. :))

About my “theory”, actually I learned from my running coach who adapted this approach from the recent sports medicine researches. Your guys may eat a small piece of any their favorite bread one hour before the “battle"; For the protein part, bases on my personal experience, taking a teaspoonful of high quality organic peanut butter (the real one, not the mass production types from the supermarkets.) works quite well before playing any sports. Try it on your camp to see yourself, you and they don't have much to lose. :)
苏乡门地 回复 悄悄话 回复纵然平行的评论:

Misguide or not, I'll take your bagel theory and test it on my soccer camp, soon*_* Thanks!

Hm, not only you have got an exquisite taste for bagel, but also you've displayed a much distinguished taste of quality toy collection, of course I don't have any issue granting this Xmas wish, I just marked it on my calendar, so make sure you behave well from this day on, Santa is surely watching from above, somewhere, hohoho
纵然平行 回复 悄悄话 回复O.U.A.T的评论:

If I am not mistaken, you personal experience seconded one of my points – this city is able to provide a bit convenience for visitors or locals when it comes to food. On a day that is most likely prone to be homesick for most of us, a bagel and a cup of hot coffee was not just simply filled your stomach, but warm your hear as well, I think.

This city is a very interesting place,the good and brilliant coexist peacefully with bad and ugly. Residents can gratify there needs or wants bases upon different values, life styles, income levels, educations, social-mobility just name few. In my humble opinion, it should also be listed one of most romantic cities in American or in the world for that matter. Well, look who is talking here. I am an absolutely biased guy at WXC. Therefore, I am dutifully reminding you in case you don't know, yet. If you'd buy what I am selling, you could be misguided to celebrate your Xmas on wrong day. That is how danger and misleading my words could be. :))

FYI, lots of Chinese restaurants in Lower Manhattan would be open on all major American holidays.
O.U.A.T 回复 悄悄话 Nice piece! your vivid description made my mouth watering at midenight along with some acid reflux...
in 2005 winter, I went to Connecticut for interview, 2 interviews in a row and it was a day before thanksgiving. At Thanksgiving, I decided to take a trip to the famous NYC. obviously it was not the best time to look around since everything was closed, including restaurants. it was early morning and I was miserable, cold and hungry. then suddenly, at a corner of the streets, there was a bagel shop opening, I never remembered the name of that shop, but I was so grateful. I still remember the satisified sensation of pouring down hot coffee to my stomach, with a bite of fresh toasted bagel covered with cream cheese. i guess only in NYC could this happen, a bagel shop opening in the early morning in Thanksgiving.lucky you.:)
纵然平行 回复 悄悄话 回复苏乡门地的评论:

For last few years, bagel has been given some bad raps because of carbohydrates, but if you do exercises or play balls it can be a great source to boost your energy level. I ate bagel before running my marathon last month, it helped me doing better than the pasta I had in 2009's run. You may try this if you have not done this before: Give your son ¼ bagel with some small potion of protein (egg white or peanut butter) about one hour before he goes on the field, and then feed him the rest of the bagel within 15 minuets of finishing his game or practice. FYI, eating carbohydrate after exercises would help athletes recovering faster and preventing muscle fatigue/soreness.

Referring your anther comments:

My bad! How could I make those contemptible imputation against you ? You are a fine example of good-wife and good-mom ! :)) Please continue doing what you do the best, keep your king and prince contented, they may surprise you later with sincere appreciations and huge rewards.

As for siding with you, I am sorry, I can't do it. Because this is not about you, it is about the “principle". In the era that dominated by men bashers, men haters and extreme feminists, male species are on the verge to be put on the endangered animal lists, so I am a firm supporter of your male camp in this case because united we stand, divided we fall. :))

Although I don't mind cold weather (in fact, I am waiting for the snow to fall so I can go ski during the weekend in New England States.), Fargo MD would be definitely out my tolerate-range.

You asked “what are some of your favorite toys for this years ?” I have No problem to share with you as I know that you may surprise me on the Xmas day. If it is not issue for you , a 2011 Audi R8 GT, color Phantasm Black, would be highly appreciated. :))
苏乡门地 回复 悄悄话 My usual, the fresh baked sesame bagel with tarragon chicken salad, never have the bagel toasted, because i don't want to get myself Shang4 Huo3 :))

It's our usually Sunday breakfast too, but I normally ask them to cut half of the cream cheese than they normally prepare for. I also enjoy the sundry and blueberry.