Begin Anew

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Begin Anew - 早春

Spring is coming to town. It just seems that way, here, there and everywhere if one pays close attention to it.

Technically speaking, springtime should start, on paper,  on March 20th. But, like anything else in this city, schedule is only the part of the story, nothing follows exactly the scripts. And among all types of possible offenders, weather probably is the most elusive and the worst ones. :)

Every morning in the whole winter if I was not out of town, and weather permitted (no snow storm, slush sleets or heavy rains), I ran in the park as a ritual to keep myself in shape. Along my normal trail, I'd, with help of my vigilant sensors, pick up the slightest difference from that of the previous day, comparing with it and other stored data in my brain and try to make some sense of them. It's a simple mind exercise I’ve enjoyed doing for years as a cost-effective way to "kill" the boredom and loneliness let alone to keep me safe and sound. Such mind game alerted me, few times, to avoid the lurking dangers, and most time it tells me the change of the season. For example, when I saw soldanella and crocuses poking their heads through the ground of melting snow, I know, winter is about ending, and a brand new spring is arriving.
To me, spring and autumn are two seasons I like the best in a year in this city. Unlike melancholic winter gray and monotonous summer green, spring and fall are not only beautiful and kaleidoscopic, but alive and poetic. Particularly, spring is so allure, dynamic and vibrant in my eye that jolts my mood uprising instantly, making me feel alive when I notice the changes on the ground and in the air. Such daily refreshment worked like an energy source to encourage me to explore something new or do something different each day. That is one of main reasons why I prefer to live in east coast over southern parts of America. In part, I like distinctive rotation of seasons; I can't see myself to live tropical place without missing the change of the seasons. I remember, about 10 years ago, I was invited to have Christmas holiday in Pasadena, California. Everything was going well, but when I saw a fake white beard Santa wore shorts outside of an entrance of the shopping mall, I felt a sense of weirdness, and at the same time, it made me almost have an urge to fly back to the east. Guys, let me make this clear, I have no intention to bash people who like to live in tropical and sub-tropical zones, and further, I believe that each of us should have the right to choose wherever he or she prefers to settle down.

In my mind, spring is just so magical as if there is someone who suddenly pushes a restart button and sets a brand new course on motion - everything appears moving: trees, bushes, all come to life, flowers burst into blossom, migration birds return … everything begins anew.

This early morning while I was running I wondered what if we humans have such similar privilege and capability to make our lives renew like spring once a while, what would happen, good or bad? :)


1) Put an instrumental version of song, "Begin Again", by Piano Guys. You can skip the last 30 seconds of promotional part at the end of clip.
I feel to be compelled to point it out that in Chinese people eyes, these two musicians might look crazy and creepy or 用流行说法就是: 他们看起来似乎“有点 2“. However, I give them credits for enthusiastically doing the thing that they are passionately drawn to and at the same time, enjoying what they are doing for the living.

 2) Also I put the original song sang by singer-songwriter Taylor Swift as a tribute to her creative work.

3) I'd like to thank 阿苏 for her help to write HTML codes to make the two video clips back to back possible.


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花自飘飘零 回复 悄悄话 回复纵然平行的评论:
好啊,deal! u frist,then my turn:)

纵然平行 回复 悄悄话 回复盈袖2006的评论:
AJ, Sorry for relying your comments late. I don't know why wxc seems not always showing comments in the sequence of time. If it's not for 花自飘飘零's remarks, I didn't have a change to return this piece and I might have been considered to be rude guy by you.:(

In terms of mystery, I think that is what we liked, isn't it ? Mystery intrigues us to keep us curious, in turn, it may give us intensive pleasures and rewards. :)

Please don't think that as flattering words, I do think that way in my heart.
纵然平行 回复 悄悄话 回复花自飘飘零的评论:
其实 “小老头”头衔也不错,经验丰富, 老谋深算,调情高手, 足智多谋... ,这么多知识产权都木有摊到,可惜哈。 :((

"怎么没有跟盈袖姐姐秀一秀萌照?" 让我想一想,也许, 我还在等着看你在澳洲度假时拍得海滩照呀。:)

最近, 你好像加快了博客更新的频率,让我不仅眼花缭乱,五体投地,而且常常读到一半脊梁骨开始冒冷汗- 吓得。为什么? 用你的话说就是“只能意会不能言传,说出来就没意思了。:))
花自飘飘零 回复 悄悄话 回复纵然平行的评论:

盈袖2006 回复 悄悄话 回复纵然平行的评论:
i am over flattered, however, i can work on that though~~~

Well, we will keep you as a mystery, where the charm gets more intense

thanks again for this beautiful piece. it gives my so much joy...
纵然平行 回复 悄悄话 回复盈袖2006的评论:
Indeed, I agree with you, these two guys are pretty cool, and they played music very well in all kind of settings.

晒萌的事, 是个好主意,你可能要和阿苏,米麦商量一下时间和地盘。 不过,不要把我算进去。 因为, 我一个大男人在脂粉中晒萌,今后我还有没有脸在城中浪迹天涯。:)

其实,AJ在我心目中, 永远是年轻美才女。
盈袖2006 回复 悄悄话 年轻真好!要不我们小范围也来晒晒萌照?证明我们也曾年轻过~
盈袖2006 回复 悄悄话 回复纵然平行的评论:
who restricts this only to men, we ladies likes new and adventure as well

Have you heard about the 3d printing? I am so looking forward to it!
盈袖2006 回复 悄悄话 picture one is the scene that touches me most in coming spring, life unstoppable; the piano guys are my favorite. I don't feel them weird at all, just love them playing outdoors, especially in wildness
纵然平行 回复 悄悄话 回复苏乡门地的评论:

坊间传说并被大多数人坚信:和其它地域的型男,猛男,潮男,纯男(纯爷们)相比,SH男则是小气男,奶油男,煮菜男,洗内男 和猥琐男。:)

你有没有想过,我已经是剩男,再被你冠于SH男的“桂冠”,我找女友就难上加难啦。 :((
苏乡门地 回复 悄悄话 班门弄斧(Show & Tell), 没事找事啊。

--- 又没人建议你去啥坛子捣浆糊,就是给常来这里的JM们一个见证么:纵然是,顶天立地,上得厅堂,下得厨房的,上海宁~~~

Okay, don't mean to push you too hard, but we sincerely and patiently hope that you dazzle us with your culinary talents, someday, hehe

Glad to see the clips working now. Take care!
纵然平行 回复 悄悄话 回复苏乡门地的评论:
拜托, 你又来跟风“起哄”啦。:( 你在城里算得上资深住户, 难道不知道城中摄影达人,各类大师和新秀此起彼伏,比比皆是吗?像我这样的一介草末,用点不入流的英文糊弄你们,借以苦撑门面,至今,侥幸还没有被人家痛批橫扫, 已经是莫大的恩典了。再要班门弄斧(Show & Tell), 没事找事啊。:)
纵然平行 回复 悄悄话 回复花自飘飘零的评论:
木有办法,春天来了,春蠢欲动哈。:) 不然,再小老头似的闷沉沉下去,就不好意思了。

不知道为什么,我特别怕“呵呵” 或者 “喝喝” 这两个叠音字, 它们给我“恐惧感”。 就像,如果有人突然连名带姓叫我, 我会预感倾刻就要“大祸临头”了。“嘿嘿”和“哈哈” would be alright, I think :))
苏乡门地 回复 悄悄话
什么时候把你研制的菜肴秘籍贴出来?:) - ZT & x2

Like this great idea! ^_^ what else can be more fun than having a Show N Tell?...
花自飘飘零 回复 悄悄话 呵呵纵然,你变得勤劳了~~~
苏乡门地 回复 悄悄话 This is what you have for the current clip (of course, I can't use 尖括弧 here, it'll eat the link :))

iframe width="950px" height="535px" frameborder="0" onload="javascript:if(this.width>450) this.width=450" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/P94DusN4LsY?rel=0&autoplay=1

I always use the old embed code, which would be

embed height="360" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="640" src="http://www.youtube.com/v/P94DusN4LsY?version=3&hl=en_US&autoplay=1" allowfullscreen="true" allowscriptaccess="always

To add another clip, you just need to copy and paste the other youtube embed code under the first one. You have to to do that using the "Text Mode" by clicking the "Toggle HTML Source" button, after you paste the links, click "Toggle HTML Source" to have a preview, you can edit the space between them/insert commment etc, before you 发布博客文章。

Oh, you certainly don't want the 2nd, 3rd clip to play simultaneously, so you should delete the text "&autoplay=1" from those embed codes.

Hope this would help! (BTW, I am making 腌笃鲜 for dinner)
纵然平行 回复 悄悄话 回复娅米的评论:
"每个人生命最无奈的地方在于个人无法完全掌控自己的命运,但这也是最有趣的生命。" 讲得很有道理,如果我们拥有完全掌控自己的命运的能力 - 甚至知道死于何时,何地,何因, 那真是无比亚历山大的事。:(

“不过,如果我们每个个体若是能洗牌重来的话,估计不好玩儿。” 你是这样想的吗? 我和你的看法有点不太相同。 我以为,假如有一天,科学进步到一个程度,“年年岁岁花相似,岁岁年年人相同。”相对讲成为一个可能,而不再是一个虚无缥缈的假说和传奇, 那么,人类的生命的境界将会多么的丰满。

在我的一生中,最困扰我也让我最无奈的隐痛是: 看到家人在年复一年的步入中年,老年,特别是看到时间这个“贪婪盗贼” 毫无廉耻,无声无息地窃走我祖母,我母亲,和我喜欢的美眉的美丽的时候...:((

希望,未来人类可以让岁月变慢,让美女的青春得以常驻; 妩媚的容颜,青春的活力再加上因年月集纳的深厚内涵和智慧。 那对我们男人来讲,会是一个多么大的福祉;这样,,我们不再会“专一”地青睐小美眉了。:))
纵然平行 回复 悄悄话 回复苏乡门地的评论:
Me too, I like these two guys' whole new approach to the song, which removed the sentiments of sadness and uncertainty, replaced with happiness and animation. However, I think that I should give Taylor Swift, the original singer-songwriter, her deserved recognition for her work by posing her original clip back to back with Piano Guys new interpretation. Can you let me know how to put two videos in one blog page?

Are you asking us treat ladies the same way as to handle valuable antiques? Although it's doable, I think it can be very difficult. We human, especially men, have this fundamental flaw/ tendency - chase newness, freshness and youth beauty, partially it's because of our hardwired genetic makeup in our DNA. Therefore, it will have to take huge efforts to render the commitment without being tempted.

"Tiger mom" still have time to watch TV programs? :)
苏乡门地 回复 悄悄话 This clip, the performance sounds truly full of energy, excitement and yearnings to Spring time! great match to your fine writing and spring photo. I actually never paid attention to the original song until after I listened to this. I prefer this version of Begin Again much more than Taylor’s version :))

喜新厌旧,human nature. 某文化人曾说除了两样东西,对古董和爱人,不得喜新厌旧,而如今的世道,就剩古董一样了~~~

昨天总算把Downton 三季看完了,呜呼哀哉,they gave Mary&Matthew Crawley a new baby boy but then "killed" Matthew Crawley at the end :((

(just realized that i had several senior moments in my prior comment, please delete that one. thnx!)
娅米 回复 悄悄话 春天到来,万物周而复始,带给人永恒的感觉。

“This early morning while I was running I wondered what if we humans have such similar privilege and capability to make our lives renew like spring once a while, what would happen, good or bad? :)“ 我们人类的循环是从每一个新生儿开始的。不过,如果我们每个个体若是能洗牌重来的话,估计不好玩儿。