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There are few things in daily life I found myself to be lack of interests to be motivated.  For example, shopping is one of them. I constantly wonder that how come many female gym goers complain it is tiresome to  walk on treadmill for short 15 minutes, yet they can trudge with bags from stores to stores for hours and still be energetic and thrilled afterwards.  Amazing! 

My mother's birthday is coming up soon and I'd have been talking myself out of procrastination to find a gift for her. Yesterday I hit the pavement on streets of Manhattan to seek a "perfect” one. After treading and some "soul searching" I ended up at Tiffany & Co at 57th Street and Fifth Ave. 

This New York legendary Jewelry store  was found by Charles Lewis Tiffany in 1837 and later further famed by 1961   movie " Breakfast At Tiffany" stared by Audrey Hepburn. (No offense, the movie was too girly to my taste). The store is one of New York landmarks on Fifty Ave among St. Patrick's Cathedral, Trump Tower and FAO Schwarz Toy store … it is a  tourist attractions to people all  around the world. Not many people know that   Tiffany & Co is actually a public traded company listed in NYSE with ticker symbol "TIF".   

At the beginning I was overwhelmed by quite many selections over there, each of them is just elegant as the other. I was completely dazzled by superb quality and artful craftsmanship come with those great jewelry pieces on display. I had to say the service and professionalism at this high end boutique with 169 years history was very impressive .The sale lady was so helpful and patient that she spent over 50 minutes with me, a novice, to show, compare, and explain each piece she brought out, not at single moment she was pushing me to buy. In fact she was suggesting me to take time to make my decision and even offering help to make an appointment with their private client sale rep who'd show some pieces which are not available to general public at separate room. Towards to the end I was eyed on a peal necklace designed by Paloma Picasso whose father was the famous artist Pablo Picasso. When the sale lady learned that I was shopping for my mother her gave me a good sigh “I wish my son would be spending time to do things like this". I smiled and said "he would if he lives in foreign country".  

Tiffany's name is not new to me, When I was little boy my mother told me her diamond ring given by Grandma  was from Tiffany and she told me that some day that the ring would be given to my wife as a gift. To play with a girl at that age would completely freak me out let alone to marry some one. I told her in straight face " No, I don't want get married and you can keep the ring." My mother put her right hand under my chin and amused by my serious response “Well, we  will see" she said. 

Last year I almost goofed off my mother's birthday. I was so busy to prepare an important presentation until a few days before it came. To rescue I wrote a nice poem in Chinese and   put it in my model airplane and Fed Exed to her.  The model air plane was a gift which my mother gave to me on my 8th birthday and she and I painted it painstakingly together that afternoon after I opened the gift box. I brought it with me when I came to USA.   According to my father my mother was so touched and she burst into tears with happiness when she opened Fed Ex package. My father told me later that Mother has put the plane on her side of nightstand since. He was teasing me that “My "idiot" son has finally understood woman." I laughed out aloud “I’d take it as a complement, Dad".  I said to father    Gee, that was a close call.  My mother as a doctor seeing too much blood and dramas occurred in delivery room is less prone to sentimental.    She did thank me  over the phone and told me that my 'thoughtful' birthday gift made her day.  

I hope that this time when she opens her gift and she would thanks for his son to be matured.


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纵然平行 回复 悄悄话 豆沙小月饼:Thanks for your well-wish and hoping you would love your parents even more after reading my reflection. My parents have been USA twice and for some reason they’d like China better. But I’d want them to have permanent residence in New York eventually.

落花飘零: I think what you said has truth in it. Maybe things that my parents would want most I am not able to give at this point. Nevertheless, spending time and money for them would alleviate some guilt on my mind because of my absence. Don’t worry I won’t be mad at you.
豆沙小月饼 回复 悄悄话 纵然平行--生日礼物昂贵与否,在母亲心中都不是最重要的。长辈要的只是一番心意,一份尊重和珍惜。




落花飘零 回复 悄悄话 I have a very similar pic of Tiffany, taken last Dec when i went to visit NY.

No matter how great, how unique your gift is, it is always not as good as being with them, please don't be mad at me, but it's true. I understand clearly why you spent so much time searching for a gift, i do the same thing every year, because we try to make up for the time and distance. but i doubt it really works.

after a long day in ER, i became negative, hopefully you are not mad at me.