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The idea to write a piece about Virginity and Humanity originated from three thoughts that have fizzed on mind recently.

First, I started pondering this sensitive or not-so-cool topic after sharing my thinking over a Virgin MM’s blog. To be brutally honest, I hold deep admiration to these MM who would still like to perverse their virginity albeit the enormous temptations that they have to face from lovers, peers, medias, feminists, “experts” and even themselves. In my own opinion, the virginity is not just a piece of membrane for being the trophy of a lucky GG, it may simply amplify a person’s ultimate courage to say “no” to appealingly prevailing culture (something that is popular may not necessarily be correct). Coming to think of it, breaking Virginity and giving birth at desirable timing shares something alike, both may involve pain and blood, yet the beginning of end of a new era could make one’s sacrifice to worth the waiting.

Second, The ear-slitting noises produced at Ground Zero (The destroyed World Trade Center ) rebuilding site which I pass daily reminds me the grime death I witnessed on 9/11 in 2001 and the sufferings of people out there who lost their love ones in the current wars happening in our world.

Third, A recent hiking trip in Appalachian mountain ridge let me see all these wonderful trees (particularly Sugar Maple), lands, streams, .... I felt that my life would be just like tiny particle flows in this incomprehensible universe I should cherish it.  

BTW, I’d ask for your forgiveness in advance for my ideology that may intrude upon yours and my typos in this piece as well.


             枫树下的处女 (

June stood beneath a young maple tree which was floating with a sea of green tassel flowers. Her beautiful, delicate and innocent face seemed to be incompatible with the presence of the impatience and fatigue. Warm perfumed air and dreamlike reddish hue on the evening sky didn’t pacify her as it usually did. She was waiting Tom, her sweetheart, to come by to say goodbye before he would be shipped out to the front line tomorrow morning.

Nowadays, the radio,newspaper and TV were saturated with tragedy news of the war. The number of casualty and death were mounting each day. For a moment she wished she was able to brush off the worries dwelled in her mind since the day Tom told her he was going to the war. She started to picture him in her mind, the tall, handsome and frolic boy who made her laugh, tingling inside and madly in love. She tried to convince herself that her constant prayers had been heard already. She would never lose him.

Unlike her girl friends who would prefer to sit in front of drug store nursing a bottle of coke and showing their fondness with their sweetheart in public June loved to come here sitting with Tom under this maple tree to savor the quietness of the woodland and release their strong feelings towards each other that spiraled like electrified air before the summer storm.

The fresh smell of maple tree leaves appeared to soften and reassured her as if she was in the sanctuary. She remembered it was under this sugar maple she read Tom’s first love letter addressed to her and those subsequent love poems which he managed to give to her without making a fuss. To this day when she recited the sentences and stances of his writing her face would still flash and her heart would pound faster as the same way she read them in the first time. It was here she had her first kiss of her life with him while her body was trembling. It was under here Tom shared with her of his secrete plan to become an astronaut some day.

Tom was here by her. The familiar scent of his hair and his large and strong hands were unforgettable. His kisses melt her pre-prepared complain of his lateness. Her body and his one embraced passionately as they were custom fit puzzle pieces. June didn’t want to spoil this special occasion. She knew this moment was precious because tomorrow would be the day for him and her as well. The next time they could see each other might be months away if they were lucky enough. For a moment they tried to forget about the cruel reality of the war and just to have each other.

Tom was caressing her soft tender skin with heavier and heavier breath. While he was making an attempt to unbutton her skirt she gently squeezed his moving hands and blocked them to go further. June raised her head from Tom’s shoulder and whispered to his ear softly “I promise, I’ll give it to you at our wedding night”.

Tom paused and a visible hint of disappointment could be recognized on his boyish face. He looked into June’s beautiful brown eyes for few intensive seconds and sighed. He pulled her body closer to him with gentle nudge and kissed her lips again. In his mind Tom had no doubt that June’s eyes and her simple words were as promising as the moon will orbit the earth. He didn’t care if his buddies might spend their farewell hours with their girls differently.

The evening, then, the night went by Tom and June snuggled together talking about their dreams and plans after the war. June remembered vividly the last word she ever said to Tom was “Please, come back for me, please”.

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