2013 New York Fashion Week, A Layman's View

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2013 New York Fashion Week, A Layman's View

Sometimes, people who are living in this beautiful and insomnious city find themselves facing some serious downsides ranging from the potential 9/11 type target that comes from so called diabolical countries and groups in the world to the highest cost of living in America. For instance, a glass of simple cocktails at the restaurant Nello can cost you around 20 bucks and so does a cup of coffee from Eleven Madison Park. By the way, if you think they are too extortionate, the reality is that none of these two restaurants are the most expensive ones on this Island, there are some price tags paid to the menu offerings in some eateries are even more outrageous. But on the other hand, there are, every year, some rare bright spots/events that make peers in other cities envious - one of them is New York Fashion Week.

This year, New Work Fashion Week started from Feb. 7th and ended on Feb. 14th (The final note was struck on V-day, can you imagine that?)Many people would bark "Fashion Week, so what? What is the big deal about it?" I don't know about you, but to so many locals, this event was a big fuss. Let's just put aside how much tax revenue was generated for the city coffer because of the goods and services the fashion industry and show-goers paid, here comes the kicker, locals could indulge themselves with all of these dazzling eye candies everywhere they went.

Now, please conjure up a scene like this if you can: during a time frame of 10 days, you would be able to see hundreds of gorgeous and fabulous fashion models from all the corners of the globe. Did I mention some of them are supermodels? If you are lucky, you can even strike a conversation and share a joke with those beauties in arms-length distance since there were hundreds of fashion events that took place across the city from runways to designers' presentations to the hot after-hours parties . Guys, we are talking about the real hot chicks here not the heavy psed photos on the billboards that makes your blood suddenly flow faster when you drive to work in the morning, or the phony sexy pictures at the supermarket magazine shelves you flip through when you try to kill your time before your turn to pay at the cashier lines. Do you get the picture? :) 

Some ladies would repudiate my male-centered, testosterone-drenched,point of view above, arguing "What do we get?". My answer to that question is one word - huge. Actually,from the female's vantage points, the New York Fashion Week would be even more exciting and important to ladies in this world. To begin with, you would have a sleek preview for the fashion trends which may shore up in your wardrobe closet soon, let alone to provide the guidelines for the prevailing styles and colors incoming this fall and next spring. 

Speaking of colors and style that may become the focus of the clothing racks in your favorite boutiques, I think the popular colors,based on my layman's observational digests, will be royal blue, olive green,light gray and plum. For the styles that may dominate in next few months, I suspect,the combinations of simple boxy tops combined with short sex bottom in sparkling embellishments would draw sensations. Of course, the color and the texture must be right in order to the bright notes.

 Another big game changer on this year’s Fashion Week run way was the undeniable Asian inspiration. The Eastern culture influence was so obvious and so powerful that you can almost feel it in the air. The American Chinese designers are really big stars in the spotlights this year from young restless and bold designers suc has Jason Wu, Richard Chai to the subtle yet creative ones - Derek Lam, Anna Sui, and Vera Wang. All of them did incredible jobs to dazzle the fashion world with their talents. Yes, the big guns such as Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Domenico Dolce, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, Stella McCartney, and Donatella Versace will remain to be powerhouses for fashion shows, but Asians are climbing the career ladders and fast.


 I am just a guy who lives in NYC and accidentally date a girl in fashion world, so please ignore my nonsense above. I believe that you know better than me when it comes to fashion. 

2) Normally, I am not a fan of Vera Wang's work, but this year, I think that she got something that get my attention - simplicity and elegance.

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Sorry for relying your comments late. I don't know why wxc seems not always showing comments in the sequence of time, that is puzzling me. :(

In terms of "weapons", I am grateful to you for never using negative languages to respond my comments even my choice of words were not accurate at the time. In my mind, no matter how mad we might be, we should always try every fiber of our constraints to hold the line of civility, either in personal spaces or on the nets.
苏乡门地 回复 悄悄话 "walkaway". Step away from the source and cool off by drop your "weapon" (your keyboard, mouse, touchpad, smart phone, toxic words, whatever) , and then no one gets hurt."

Thanks for the sensible idea and advice! But I think it only applies to those who actually possess and carry a "weapon" :D

Indeed, I never actually possess one myself, should I had one, I would never ever use it on any friend of our blog cicle~~~

“指尖交战”,仅为朋友 ;)
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"Fashion is AD's middle name..." 严重误导哈,Fashion is not my middle name, money or something else could be the one, I guess. :)

"假如那所谓“燕语莺声”避也避不开呢?" 怎么可能避不开呢? 有一个方法你可以试一下; it's called "clickaway". It's equivalent to the real life one - "walkaway". Step away from the source and cool off by drop your "weapon" (your keyboard, mouse, touchpad, smart phone, toxic words, whatever) , and then no one gets hurt.

"...评论别人,往往是在介绍你自己啊." 这位高人的论点,有点道理。
纵然平行 回复 悄悄话 回复盈袖2006的评论:
AJ, 你怎么可以跟着 A Su起哄呢? 胳膊肘朝里弯才对。:) 她是善意的拿我开唰逗你们玩,别当真。:)
苏乡门地 回复 悄悄话 回复盈袖2006的评论:

阿袖看得好准。 Fashion is AD's middle name, in my humble opinion :D

俺从来不时尚,也不反时尚,穿着打扮,顶多顶多算earthy style~~~

对了,既然纵然那天也提到earthware,算是居家时尚? 这个话题倒是挺轻松快活。 正巧那天在人来茶香那里看到一些图片,或许大家也可以从不同角度去分享,譬如米麦建议纵然秀个咖啡杯具,这,大概不需要理由“扭扭捏捏”? 我过两天给你看一样好玩的咚咚~~~
苏乡门地 回复 悄悄话 回复纵然平行的评论:

假如那所谓“燕语莺声”避也避不开呢? 是否还得继续撞几块豆腐 :)))


盈袖2006 回复 悄悄话 回复纵然平行的评论:

纵然平行 回复 悄悄话 回复苏乡门地的评论:
为何还要扭扭捏捏害羞呢? 都被你“教唆”(教导)得积年累月了。:))

完全同意。说话做事都应该试图坚守一条底线 - 尊重别人的感受。 如果有可能,尽量避免一时“燕语莺声” (意气用事)逾越过临界域。 不然,轻则,削弱回旋的余地,重则,伤了情缘。:(
苏乡门地 回复 悄悄话 网络提供了比日常生活更灵活,更开放的交流方式。你有没有觉得?


"...不入乡随俗点,怕不大合适..." 能不能解释一下,不要懵我哈。:) --- 不敢说啦,不然又追加一等“教唆”之罪状哦!:D
纵然平行 回复 悄悄话 回复苏乡门地的评论:
"...不入乡随俗点,怕不大合适..." 能不能解释一下,不要懵我哈。:)

其实,我们都不是完人,所以我希望,在我块小小的地盘内, 来的朋友都可以畅所欲言,实话实说而不必小心翼翼。这一点,网络提供了比日常生活更灵活,更开放的交流方式。你有没有觉得?

谢谢你的同情心, I can certainly imagine your "hurting/委屈". :))
纵然平行 回复 悄悄话 回复盈袖2006的评论:
"我真的是不懂时尚,尤其是在温哥华住了久了之后。" 不要太谦虚哈, 有的美眉天生就具备对色彩和线条的特殊敏锐力, 你知道我在说谁吗。:)
盈袖2006 回复 悄悄话 我真的是不懂时尚,尤其是在温哥华住了久了之后。我觉得还是阿苏知道的多。

苏乡门地 回复 悄悄话 Happy Lantern Festival, dearest 纵然平行!(下不为例哈,来你这次数多了,不入乡随俗点,怕不大合适,似乎,咳咳)

谢谢回复。嗯,Zac的确有走怀旧路线的倾向,会不会跟当红的Mad Man系列剧有关。那天看见他设计的一组长礼服,当场就感到的是五六十年代好莱坞,倒谈不上华丽。 个人感觉,他的色彩搭配不够创意独到。 认识Vera Wang, 但只限于杂志和报刊范畴,一个self-made designer. 我才来这儿不久,她开始走红,她设计的婚纱,似乎成了每个新嫁娘的梦想吧。

呵呵,相互同情一下。早晨晨练后,回去一通忙乎,折腾半天,给他俩一人乘了一碗鲜肉汤团。 某人吃了一口,便满腹纠结地端坐在那,还往ZZ碗里塞过一只。 ZZ欢欢喜喜吃完,他磨磨唧唧说从来不爱吃咸汤团。 得正好剩了两小团湿面,包了两只红豆沙,勉强对付掉,唉,挑剔的人伤不起。。。你们说说,我这折腾劲给不给力?^_^
纵然平行 回复 悄悄话 回复苏乡门地的评论:
Are you joking me ? I felt a sense of embarrassment to write fashion from a man's angle. Anyway, I just share my thoughts wether or not your ladies like it or reject it, totally up to you.

You are right that Vera Wang indeed have been a predominate fashion designer on dressy gowns for years, not to mention her successful bridal gown lines. Further, her designing concepts and style do embrace simplicity and elegance, but I was not her fan before, in part, her expressed too much extravagance which overpowers the simplicity, another part is that anything remotely connects to wedding or marriage scares me.:) This year, she seems trying to revolve herself a bit, although she is not a minimalist yet, she moves the dial quite a bit to that direction.

Do you know Vera Wang ,her Chinese name is王薇薇, has a family root in SH?

For Zac Posen, general perception from fashion circle is that he has been looking into the inspirations from 50's and 60's, in which that slender silhouettes are basic elements such as slim pant, bodyflattering dresses and exaggerating embellishments, etc. His designs are not my coupe of tea, too girly fancy, and gayish.

Happy sweet rice ball festival to you! I was thinking to make traditional sweet rice balls by ourself, yet she showed no enthusiasm at all. As a result, I had some ready-to-eat sesame sweet rice balls this morning for breakfast, she ate one piece just for mercy of me and then complained "How people can this kinda sticky stuff?" :( A lesson learned for your prince, never date a fashion model and live in NYC at the same time - not only he will have to go to parties all weekend long, but also be humored for spending time to make food in his own hands. :(

反复的告诉你们, 到现在到不敢示人, 不就是因为矮丑穷猥琐男吗, 高帅富 那跟那哈。 :)
纵然平行 回复 悄悄话 回复流沙随风 的评论:
艳福?有点太夸张了吧。:) 但是, 这么多年来,有缘分和这些城中许多知名美女、才女互动的经历的确是值得我珍惜并感恩。

你在那边,夜夜-酒肉笙歌到天明,天天-左拥右抱小mm的那种生活,要悠着点哈。 :))

提醒你一下, 米麦美眉和我开玩笑开惯了, 所以她的恭维我的话,you should take them with a pinch of salt。不能当真d。:)
纵然平行 回复 悄悄话 回复小米和小麦的评论:
拜托,拜托,不要这样损我。 嘴上留点德, 可不可以?

我讲的柔情,风情,热情 是指多点“甜言蜜语” :)

"难道你觉得人人都一定喜欢帅气的男人吗?" 这个问题我可以回答: 不是。 相反, 许多人不喜欢喜欢帅气的男人。 因为她/他们觉得,帅气的男人常常都是坏家伙
纵然平行 回复 悄悄话 回复盈袖2006的评论:

今年,宝蓝,橄榄绿,李色紫 和浅灰有可能成为当红流行色, 不过,馨红和曜黑仍然会一如既往的被注重。
苏乡门地 回复 悄悄话 同意,阿袖AJ的问题,只能由AD回答,别人不可以越俎代庖!^_^

哦,米麦的描述就是高帅富啊? 这么说纵然就是一枚:)) 曾经叫什么石老五对吧~

盈袖2006 回复 悄悄话 回复流沙随风 的评论:
谢谢大侠美言。很高兴在这里遇见你:) 问好
盈袖2006 回复 悄悄话 thanks for the fashon show and lesson.

Royal blue, olive green,light gray and plum, all colors I like... however never know olive green can go with plum, creatvie combination, i will try it in my cards. Plum offers a tender touch in deep heart, very much related to the mood.

One thing you probably already know: there is no fashon in vancovuer. maybe some impressive water wicking running jackets!
小米和小麦 回复 悄悄话 回复流沙随风 的评论:


我不是摄影大师(我知道是客气话:) ),真正的大师您已经见识过了。:)对了,流沙兄给我的印象就是:儒商!:)

小米和小麦 回复 悄悄话 不知道这个accidentally究竟意味着什么,看来以后纵然会常常给我们带来时尚界的信息了,拭目以待~~

olive green, 很美啊,今年夏天怎么也得去弄一件什么来,那种色彩让我想到意大利,地中海那一带的阳光,房子,美女。。。

苏乡门地 回复 悄悄话 "royal blue, olive green,light gray and plum.", I noticed them in Zac Posen's ready-to-wear line, a lot! but am most impressed with his long gowns, seem all very simple to me, color wise, Karen's is still my favorite. Do you mind checking with The Expert on Posen, for me? :D thanks in advance.

问好楼下的流沙诗人! 两位美才女的眼光一定是没错的啦,何况也是纵然的“老相识”:)) 元宵快乐!
流沙随风 回复 悄悄话 You are dating a girl in a fashion world? hehe, man, enjoy and best wishes :)


很高兴在这里偶遇两位美女 :),可见平行小弟艳福不一般。
苏乡门地 回复 悄悄话 Finally, something refreshing :)))))) my first impression of this clip is, black color is in? well, when it is not in~~

"simplicity and elegance", I thought Wang made her name known by designing simple and elegant wedding gowns in the past two decades, well looks like she is evolving on it. I agree, it's a delight to watch her new clothing line, thank you for sharing it! and