Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day - a really big day for many people, especially to many ladies in this country and around the globe. Some of ladies may actually be pretty anxious and excited to wait for the moment to arrive, hoping to be be surprised and swept off feet by their sweetheart, lover, spouse or secret admirer from the traditional tokens of love such as fresh roses, imported dark chocolates, a getaway trip for two to a romantic destination, a marriage proposal to something which is unique, creative and one of the the kind.

Like many guys in my own species, I am not a big fan of V-day although I am not against the idea to dedicate a day to show our special and sincere appreciations to the ladies we love. In part, it's because I don't like to be put in the situation in which I have to bow to peer pressures and high expectations. My lady protests that if you can handle the large dose of risks and stresses coming from the markets volatility, why not "a little love pressure". Well, there is a huge difference between those two. To begin with, you can't compare oranges with apples as they are in dissimilar categories. Secondly , financial instruments have no heart beats, a human does. In another words, you don't get intimacy with the money the way you do with your girl, up close and personal.

Nevertheless, shrugging off few complaints, I still enjoy v-day. Primarily after spending some time to figure out and implement a new idea based up romantic mechanism that worked before, I am able to collect the rewords in a long way.

I don't know about what other people may think, I believe that to adults, V-day should be renamed as ML-Day. I suspect, each year, for a single day, largest numbers of humans may ml happily on this planet on V-day. Although ladies might prize more those romantic ways and means in the process than the final products, we, on the other hand, would prefer the actions without extensive processing time. However, at the end, two forces would balance it out themselves, delivering the goodies and making Valentine's Day a special occasion to remember.

In conclusion, no matter if  you are the kind of guys like me who just want to skip the main courses to have the desert first, or you really like to milk it for all its worth, my humble thought is that for the sake of love,情人节这一天, 请把我们的手温柔安静地放在她/他的怀中,感觉那一份温暖。


a. The picture comes from internet.
b. Put a clip of sound track from a recent Chinese movie. A measure, hopefully, would show how much I care my homeland.

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irislee0212 回复 悄悄话 很帅的小伙子,很漂亮的美眉,很棒的英文,虽然看着有点辛苦,(^o^)/~
纵然平行 回复 悄悄话 回复小米和小麦的评论:

Thanks for your compliments. People often mistaken me as banana typed Chinese, but the real truth is that inside me, I have a very firm cord which has crystallized with Chinese cultures and heritages. Put it in another way, I'll never forget where I came from no matter how much or little I'd accomplish in my life time. It's all in my blood. :)

Appreciate your advise, will do that.
纵然平行 回复 悄悄话 回复流沙随风的评论:

Sorry for my belated reply. I went a reclusive retreat (away from the modern conveniences) during this President Day long weekend. You lived in states years ago, you know how crazy might be when people combine long weekend with v-day. :)

Thanks much for your kind suggestion, I'll slow down and take it easy.

Are you still "stationed" in Suzhou or some other city at present time? In any case, please take good care and welcome to drop few line here anytime.
小米和小麦 回复 悄悄话 纵然好,看你对国内的家里人都那么好,就知道你肯定心系祖国和人民。:)))
流沙随风 回复 悄悄话 问候平行老弟。以前我们在阳光那里见过,我现在不常上来了。

你是做投资的吧?呵呵,钱是赚不完的,please take it easy. 共勉 :)
纵然平行 回复 悄悄话 Thanks for your v-day gifts, appreciated. I bet, after reading my piece, you had a very romantic holiday celebration. :)

Are you trying to make fun of me, again ? Didn't I ask you for not praising me too much? :))

You know I am just a little guy (or a wsn if you will) in this virtual city, trying to bubble some nonsense quietly unlike you who clearly have talents and charm, let alone a soaring popularity. (it's not a mp, I mean it.)

Yes, you are absolutely right about it. I like this music clip because it lets me relate to the land where I grew up and reminds me about my family members whom I love for all my life.

The long weekend is coming up, hope you can relax and enjoy time to be with your family members, and make some fantastic cover songs to share with us if time permits.

tern2 回复 悄悄话 回复tern2的评论:

tern2 回复 悄悄话 好文!好思!欣赏淳朴深邃的内心。
在CO一次,因为说的太好:情人节这一天, 请把我们的手温柔安静地放在她/他的怀中,感觉那一份温暖。

tern2 回复 悄悄话 "if you can handle the large dose of risks and stresses coming from the markets volatility, why not 'a little love pressure'"
haha, this line makes me laugh:)