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Has any of you ever wondered April is such an enchanted month in the year? To me, April is the time that the mother nature unselfishly fascinates and rewards all of dwellers, rich or poor, in the city where I live with amazing and dazzling eye-candies - flowers. The blooming of those beauties not only heightens our sensors with different shade of colors, different sizes and shapes but also bring us a strong elation  resulted from witnessing the renewal and enchantment of life.

Every morning when running in the park, I can’t help but notice those wonders of natures on my path, those blossoms, big or small, up on the tree branches or down on the ground, surprise and brighten my mood, making me ready and eager for starting a new brand new day. Here goes a thing, I don’t know about others, but to me I found out that sometimes the moments of happiness I have been earnestly searching for all these time can actually lie right on the trail I come across daily.

You may laugh at me for the sensitive side of mine while you are read about this piece. Well, that is fine. I guess we are, one way or the other, where we came from.

In retrospect, I like plants and trees, in part because of my mom and particularly my grandma, who almost singlehandedly brought our garden back to life from the dilapidation and ruin caused directly by redistribution and partition of our property during the Culture Revolution period. During my childhood, I was often invited by my grandma and my mom to accompany them to plan the annual flowering plants and prone some of the perennial flowering trees in the early spring, listening to their descriptions about those plants and their characteristics. Drawn in their sweet and soft voices, I was often starting day dream on the spot, anticipating splendid blossoms to arrive. Surely as it’s always, the nature seemed never failing on me, even it breezed into our garden early or late. Thanks to my grandma and mother’s endless work, our thriving garden was able to provide me with an oasis to admire and appreciate the blessings of nature in a huge and obstreperous city.

Yesterday when temperature suddenly reached 86 degrees, a sense of sadness came across my mind as I know the incalescence of weather may pretty much speed up the blossoms in the park if not end it. Luckily I took some pictures with my iphone last week as an effort to remember spring season 2012.

Although I kind of felt awful for these short-lived glories and graces in the park due to the surge of temp, I am sure that spring will come next year, and those wonderful blossoms in the park will bloom again as our lives march on.

Note: The pictures below were taken from iphone without any ps.



“人面不知何处去,桃花 (樱花)依旧笑春风。”




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纵然平行 回复 悄悄话 回复盈袖2006的评论:

Next time, you'd better to catch my hand when it's still in the cookie jar. :))
盈袖2006 回复 悄悄话 haha, when did you correct it? I copied your title and then was too lazy to get back to it~~~
盈袖2006 回复 悄悄话 回复纵然平行的评论:
I love it. and am touched
纵然平行 回复 悄悄话 AJ, Finally, i can reply comments in my own blog. :)

Jeez, you, too, have a flowery/Sympathetic/kind heart. :))
Actually I am not surprised at all, for all these years I've read your writings, there has been this main ingredient, revering the longings of the true essence of life, oftentimes the one beyond today and tomorrow.

BTW, please don’t be sad for those falling petals, looking on the bright side, because of these inflorescences, a brand new season is about descending with fruits on their ways. Besides, life goes on, and each season has its own uniqueness, beauty and enthrallment so let’s enjoy it as it lasts.

To honor your preference, I add few more pics that show sky, just for you. Hope you'd like them.
盈袖2006 回复 悄悄话 沾花惹草四月天,扬鞭策马扭腰地

I love these flowers esp that one with a pc of sky which extend the realm of good imagination and spirit.I always feel a little sad when they are at the peak blossom, just as youth, knowing it's perfent, it's going yet not knowing how to live the worth of it.... In which way we can live better the precious time?
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Yes, absolutely! For example, a shooting star (meteoroid) is definitely a short-lived glory, but its visual imagery can be remembered for long time by us. Mozart only lived for 35 years, Purcell 36, Chopin 37 … but those great composers’ influences have been with us for a long time, and possibly forever. A glory is a glory.

Your thoughts on sentiments are right on the money as well. Many sentiments that we express daily actually can be linked to our mental health. Excessive or too little may both pose issues for our overall well-being. For a balanced person, I believe, embodying emotions at right time, right place toward right person with right degrees is essential. Needless to say, those who are not able to handle sentiments/emotions properly would hinder their judgments and compromise the effectiveness in actions.

I read your recent updates; for some reason, they seem departing from your usual style a lot. does it suggest you are in the mid of transition, Please don’t answer it. :)
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I see, the cherry blossoms really got you, don’t they? That just proves that you may have a “flower heart” that is bigger than me. :) I guess that a “flower heart” may be a slight better than a “hollow heart”. Btw, I almost forget, your theory at the beginning of April is somehow the opposite.

I found out from trial-and-error that taking a decent pictures with iphone, one needs to manage a good dose exposure of natural light; in addition, stable hands and arms would help.

Both Wisteria and lilac are approaching their peak here since last week. They are temperature sensitive types. I think that maybe in the Feb, your place had a warmer than usual weather pattern, that might trigger Wisteria to bloom ahead their normal schedule.

Your matching verse to my title of piece is quite clever and witty, but there is a downside, it may accidently open a can of warms, interpreting the original meaning beyond the face value. :))
九月独处 回复 悄悄话
Although it is "short-lived glories and graces", it's still much better than "never-lived glories and graces" :-) :-)

In my opinion, being sentimental is a great human trait, no matter for men or for women, as long as it comes with a good portion of ingredient of rationality :-) :-)
苏乡门地 回复 悄悄话 Nice! these flower photos are very pretty, especially the close up shots, the flowers on that last photo make me want to smile back to them:))

Well, I still have difficulty taking the iPhone pictures under different light settings, hard to adjust, and i would also avoid using the flash as possible.

Hm, what puzzles me is that the wisteria in our area has quietly blossomed as early as in Feburary, lasted through mid March, nearly two months ahead of you guys, anyway, it's still a pleasure to see these late bloomers^_^。thanks for sharing them!

Oh i guess this happens only in April, it would be perfectly fine for guys to have a "flower heart"...... lol

沾花惹草四月天,怜香惜玉已多年 ^_^