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How do we make it in today’s crazy, alternative facts, almost alternative world--we get creative, we get INNOVATIVE. Here on ScIQ, we’re talking to two incredible innovators in medical sciences and human health.

Just in her 20s, Kathrine Jin was part of the team of Columbia University students who developed a low-cost, technology-driven solution to meet the urgent challenges posed by the Ebola crisis. She has been honored the United Nations in celebration of International Day of Women and Girls in Science for her part in the creation of Highlight, a patent-pending disinfectant solution. Learn more about Kinnos here:

When he’s not working at MLB, Keith Comito works with his research group, LifeSpan I.O. in projects related to longevity or age related disease, and receive funds from contributors to fulfill their goals. Thanks to generous funding and awards towards life-changing research, Lifespan I.O. has currently completed 6 diverse projects, which you can find on Lifespan I.O’s website. Learn about Lifespan I.O here:


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AlaskaLilyD 回复 悄悄话 女儿好优秀! 哇哥伦比亚大学的,牛!
听了她的讲话,有思想有深度,我会去关注她的公司 kinnos. 喜欢她的自信,坚定的语气,也喜欢她甜甜的笑容!祝贺幸福的妈妈!