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Pianist Fucong (傅聪)died because of COVID-19

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I just saw the news of Pianist Fu Cong passing away because of COVID-19 in the UK. He was 86. How sad. So many lives have been cut short because of the virus. If you are not familiar with him, you must heard of his father, the famous translator Fu lei(傅雷).

I remember when I was a little, my mom bought me《Fu lei’s family letters 》. Mom was a tiger mom.  I guess the reason she bought me the book was she wanted me to realize that compared to Fu Cong’s father Fu lei, she was a “little witch meets big witch”.  

While I was feeling sorry for Fu Cong the way his father treated him, I can also told his father loved him dearly. I was fascinated by all those letters. I have learned so many things through the letters. The music, the literature ,the arts etc. I believed they two now have met each other again in heaven. They can have a very nice long chat now. The news made me miss my childhood.  I almost want to find 《Fu Lei’s  family letters 》and read it all over again.

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