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a control freak yellow face wife

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We had early lunch today. At 3 pm, I told my husband I am going to return the Apple - AirPods Pro,  the Christmas gift he did not like because the sound quality was not as good as we thought.

“Are you going to Best Buy? “ My husband asked.

“Yes. “I said.

“I finished my work today. Let me go with you.”

“ok. “ I nodded.

The Best Buy was around the corner.  The store did not have lots of people. The retune was very smooth.

After we stepped out of the store. My husband suggested getting burgers from Wendy's next door.

“I am hungry. And I haven’t eaten a burger for a very long time. Let’s  buy one for K too.” He was talking about our son.

“No.” I shake my head: “ Those kind of fast foods are very bad for your health. Let’s go home. I’ll fix you guys a dinner.”

He was very upset: “I miss eating burgers!!!!!!”

He did not say a single word to me on our way back home.

I suddenly feel sorry for him. Why I behaved like I was his mom? I have no right to forbid him eating the food he liked. Right?

I don't want to be a control freak yellow face wife.  Next time I’ll ask him: Would you like to have a burger? 嘻嘻

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