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drinking wine and feeling super happy:)))

(2021-01-07 18:57:18) 下一个

Very busy day today. Finally it’s the poem reading time again.

Today’s poem I read was written by Li bai. 下终南山过斛斯山人宿置酒

I am wondering  if 钟南山’s name was inspired by the title of the poem:)

Accoring to the poem, it was a beautiful night with a bright moonlight. Li bai went to a village to visit his friend. They drank a lot of wine and both felt very happy.

 I like the last two sentences the most: 我醉君复乐,陶然共忘机.

忘机:  forget all the 世俗心机

Too bad I don’t know how to translate it in English. Help is needed:)

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