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9/6 学写英文--夏末,那片金黄色草场(9/5/2020)

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The scenes in the wood was not same as I predicated. There were barely red leaves, If I haven’t taken a look at the ground, I would feel time going back, the greenness makes me think it early summer.


The bushes were getting shorter and thinner, a blue jay was exposed to my sight. After a short landing on a bush, she/he skimmed across the bushes, to the deep of the wood; sweet goldenrod were in full bloom, they were the most eye-catching wild flowers in this season and spread everywhere. Since they are tall, you can easily see their pyramid-shaped golden yellow corollas in reed pone, meadows or pasture. .


At one side of the pastures, there was a mowed road. I noticed its existence weeks ago, but never pumped into it. Today driven by curiosity, a temptation of walking on a new road, finding something new along the way, I stepped on it. I stopped occasionally, appreciating the beautify of the pasture in the late summer.


Since I like walking in the wood, a main road beside the pasture leading to the wood is the only way which must be passed. From my previous experiences, since late spring whenever I walked by, my eyes would caught by those gorgeous wild flowers. I couldn’t resist their attractiveness by taking hundreds of shots for them since then. I am not a greedy person in life, but somehow, I know I am greedy when I see these wild flowers.


The beautify of this pasture was not a question for me since end of March, 2020, the time I started slowing down my pace a bit , giving some random glances of the surroundings. But now, standing on this cut-through road, with a closer look at the middle section of the pasture, I felt I was getting to know it better.


The road didn’t stop at the end corner of this pasture, instead, it extended to another pasture which is separated from this pasture by a row of giant trees. If I analogized the two pastures as two beads, this road should be a string, it stringed the two beads together.


The temperature was about 80F, with mild sunshine and gentle breeze, it’s a nice feeling late summer day.  Standing on the road, appreciating thousands of clusters of millet-looking golden yellow flowers swinging gently in the breeze, I recalled a word” immerse”. I was genuinely immersing in the nature of yellow, forgetting who I am at some moments.


When I got myself back. I realized this road is not only an inter-road, or a short cut between the two pastures, beyond that, it offers a better place for people to appreciate the pastures. If analogizing the pasture as a performance stage, any spots on the road can be seen as seats for audiences. Standing at different spots, different landscape will hit people's eyes, the notions of the plants with breeze, the light sunshine, the butterflyers’ flying about or resting , every moment is an unique fleeting moment. The pasture was really a place for impressionist.


Vincent Van Gogh jumped into my mind. Yellow is a favorite color of this great impressionist. Yellow color lives in most of his paintings ---sunflowers, wheat ears, landscapes at harvest time, and in the light of the sun. if he was here, doubtlessly he would be touched by the massive golden yellow from these millet-looking wild flowers in late summer. he would use thousands of brush strokes to have this impressive scene painted on his canvas.    

















昨天晚上带他去吃饭,七点半了,还要等位。等的间隙, 我们在商业街上走走。我说那边有一家服装店,我们进去看看,给你买两件衣服。他说:“我都有衣服了,还买衣服干什么?”他有两双鞋,我说再买一双时,他也是说同样的话。“那你以后有钱了会买什么?”











他从小就好动,我理解他,好动的问题不是他不想控制自己,真是身不由他。我常对他说:”儿子,知道吗?你是个天才“, 这话是我从当时私下流传的一篇文章中学来的,文章的题目《我的儿子是个天才》,讲的是北京的一对高知夫妻,因为对多动症的儿子持不同的态度,夫妻最后离婚,儿子随母亲。儿子没有走高知家庭走的路,而是进了技工学校,后来成为一名成功的高档汽车的维修师的故事。






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魏薇 回复 悄悄话 回复 'laopika' 的评论 : 我这算是心理暗示法:)能自食其力,过上幸福的小日子就好了!
laopika 回复 悄悄话 你儿子确实有天才的潜质,善解人意,妈妈的心头肉:)