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Visiting rich Fall foliage in East Coast from Smoky mountains to New England in US, and from Algonquian to Nova Scotia in Canada, are all the best feast that won't be fogretton in the life time.

Fall color in Pacific North West is quite different though. Washington State, nicknamed "the evergreen state", is covered by rich forests dominating the large fir and pine trees that stay mostly green in all four seasons. Here, nature shows her own uniqe colors.

Especially the Olympic National Park, known as an old-growth temperate rain forests, demonstrates a shockly different beauty.

Green moss turning into brown in the Fall 09/26/2020

Shelter & Moss, Olympic NP 09/26/2020

Sol Duc Falls 09/26/2020

Bridge in the rain 09/26/2020

Life in full bloom 09/26/2020

Leap of Faith @Sol Duc Olympic NP 09/26/2020

Excerpt: Born in gravelly river beds above the cascades, thousands of juvenilecoho salmon memorize river scents on their 70-mile swim to sea. For up to two years coho range hundreds of miles from Oregon to British Columbia. Ocean temperatures and salinity, angle of the sun and magnetic fields help guide them back to the Sol Duc river.

Lake Cushman, Sunny side @Olympic NP 09/27/2020

Lake Crescent @ Storm King trail, Still keeps the Summer hue, Olympic NP 09/19/2020

Mt. Rainier, after the busy blossom in Summer, is getting ready for winter!

Pinnacle trail, 丰满沉静 10/17/2020

Fall is beautiful in its own way 10/17/2020

Mountains show their own unique characters 10/17/2020

Refection Lake with Fall Hue and a Rainbow 10/17/2020

没有山花也烂漫@ Paradise 10/17/2020

Suspension Bridge at Carbon River, Dry season, water level still low10/04/2020

Foot bridge at Carbon River, Water is powerful 10/04/2020

Ipsut Falls at Dry season 10/04/2020

In memory of the year of 2020, and in memory of the abundance the nature offers us!

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