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好久没出去了,这是个好借口外出远足,于是带上了相机,想要拍拍十月秋天的故事,没想到碰到了不少事,算是个小小的历险记。请点击视频看我的Vlog 金色的十月。这里就是这一天的视频日记。




请点击看Vlog 4月里的一天,疫情中的美国城市!

Vlog 我记得居家令是在3/21日发的,最热闹的繁华一英里会是个什么景色

Vlog 开到Chinatown时,感觉就不一样了,这里真的空了。



The year of 2020 is a special year because of Covid 19. President Trump got the virus a couple of days ago. Many of us have been trapped home for months.

It is a sunny Sunday, I went to the post office to drop the vote. It is so nice to be outside. Many people are wearing masks now.

Does this look like a dog on the wall?

One the way back, I saw the beautiful yellow flowers.

I took some videos and photos and climbed over the hill and came down on the other side.

A Railroad extends in front of me.

When I was walking along the railroad towards the street, a police car stopped behind me.

He questioned me and checked my identification. He told me they were chasing bad people.

Do I look like a bad guy? absolutely not.

This is an interesting experience to be stopped and questioned by a policeman.

He gave me a direction to walk out of the railroad and told me this is not a safe place.

I walked out the railroad to the street and came upon the Memorial to Fallen 21

The memorial is for the loss of firefighters at the Union Stockyard Blaze in 1910.

On December 22 of 1910, a fire started in the Nelson-Morris Meat Packing Company. The collapse of the seven-story building killed 21 firefighters instantly.

Bill Cosgrove, a retired fireman, wrote a book on the fire and became the driving force raising monies for the 8-foot bronze memorial.

Artist S. Thomas Scarff recreated the scene of that fateful fire, showing the chief of the brigade, James Horan, holding a bugle upwards to warn the men of the falling wall;a truckman raising his axe to protect himself as he falls backwards;an engine man focusing his hose on the fire unware of the danger.

The granite base includes the names of those who died that day as well as others who have perished in the line of duty.

October shows the golden color everywhere

a small rose

red unknown fruits are cute

quite a lot of railroads

This fence must be very effective to prevent thieves

She wears mask too.

Flowers at street side are all beautiful.

What an evenful day today. First time to vote for the president;first time to be stopped by a policeman when I am walking;first time to see so many railroads in this part of the city;first time to see the Memorial to Fallen 21, a tradgedy of history.

As the flowers show me life is beautiful, we should respect life.

Wish everyone a good day and my family to stay safe and sound.

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