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Over the years Miss A has developed a deeply personal philosophy as a teacher. Her goal is always to help her students in English literature.


Mr. A is energetic, animated and well-versed in the subject matter he teaches. He is committed and dedicated to the mission of high quality teaching.


As a scholar librarian, he worked with students on several research project. He was the recipient of many honors from professional societies, and wrote many articles on information science.


Mr. B is an outstanding addition to our history faculty and his research productivity continues to be exemplary.


He is one of the most dynamic and innovative math teacher one can imagine. Both formal and informal feedback on his teaching make him among the top in our department.


Mr. A is often described by students and faculty as a gifted educator. His success stems from his ability to motivate students in learning.


She challenges her students to achieve high levels of performance. This is followed by her continuous support and encouragement until the student’s work comes to fruition.


As head of the department, I have worked closely with Mr. A and have observed his ability to perform his job for the benefit of our school. He has ably led his research team in the fulfillment of our mission.


His strategies of innovation, classroom presentation and feedback are very effective. His knowledge of social science is seemingly encyclopedic.


He is the kind of faculty member who does it all and does it well. Particularly remarkable about him is the extent of his community service.


Mr. A displays strengths in teaching as indicated by his annual evaluations. His creative teaching strategies grow out of his constant commitment.


His enthusiasm and caring in teaching is rated excellent by every instrument we have available. He successfully submitted a paper for presentation at a prestigious conference.


Miss A has a talent in persuasive speaking and she impressed me and many other faculty members. In working with her, I have nothing but praise for her.


Having been his colleague for ten years, I can say that he could give lessons on how to be an ideal teacher.


He continues his role as an exemplary faculty member in computer science. Three of his papers were accepted for presentation at important computer meetings.


In my ten-year career, I have never known a student who has so completely exhibited the qualities of scholarship, leadership and integrity.


As the first Chinese teacher at this school, Mr. Chen has always been respected by students. His insights have helped many students to find their ways to a quality education.


Serving as a student advisor, Mr. A helped many students feel a part of the institution. His students fondly consider him as a taskmaster.


As a library student assistant, Mr. A’s main duties included bibliographic searching and indexing to provide subject entries. He has been a very diligent worker and has willingly accepted detailed assignments.


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