A Walk in The Rain

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Sep 07, 2017

A day has started and I wasn't ready. I got a bad headache and my body was heavy. The dizziness and lacking of energy prevent me getting up to do what I should do for the day. This happens often!

I knew it would pass if I could get myself up and do some exercise. After a few minutes battle with my head, I struggled to get up and fixed myself a cup of coffee. As usual, I read a few pages of the book called <The Old Man and Sea>. Then started practicing Yoga. It was extremely hard, my body couldn't move normally. Soon it tired me and I let myself lie on the mat.

I felt sick. I was lying on the ground and was thinking to myself. I hate it! I hate being sick and I need to cure it.

While I was thinking about that, I bounced up and grabbed my phone and earphones, rushed out with a pink umbrella as it started to rain.

I had a clear destination and that was the nearby park. When I was getting close to the park, I changed my mind. A McDonald resturant attracted my attention, I decided to have breakfast first.

There were few people sitting there and I walked in, ordered a simple Chinese breakfast - a bowl of porridge, and sat beside a man who was working on his computer. I took out my self-made Spanish flashcards and spread them on the table. I quickly reviewed but found myself unable to concentrate. People started to come in and two girls who sat a table away from me were talking and laughing aloud.

Eventualy, I gave up and left.

I picked up my umbrella and again I was walking in the rain. The air was cleaner, the trees were greener and the people were fewer.

Across the street, there was the park. I walked around the park, watching the fallen flowers and leaves lying on the ground.

I then went in the park. That was a cultural park, many status were standing in the rain calmly. They were moveless, yet full of expression on their faces. A village man stood on a small bridge, below the bridge, there was a boat on the river. They were also very small, of course. The man seemed to be resting with his two piles of woods. The woods were heavy, but he needed to carry them home, I thought.

He must have stopped to wipe his face which was all wet. He also opened his shirt in order to stay cooler. I stood there and stared at him, looked into his eyes. He seemed tired, but he knew he had to go...

I left him and went to the river side. Another man with shirt open was standing on his boat, carrying bags of food. He was very much focused on the course he was following. The rain didn't stop him from doing so. Instead, he worked harder.
I saw something interesting in the water. I squated down to make it easier for me to watch the "show". A small inscet looked like mosquito was swiming. He was so fast that when I was ready to enjoy it, he disappeared.

The water was very shallow, because it was not a real river. But it was beautiful, as the rain drops hit the water making quick circles. I enjoyed that so much that I couldn't move my eyes out of it. I stayed there for about 10 minutes. Suddenly, Bang... the thunder crashed as if it was a bomb. I was frightened and stood up. I kept walking. But my heart was filled up with joy.

I stopped in a corner of the park. I discovered a tree with many flowers.The leaves were green and clean. The rain drops made the leaves looked like thousands of dimonds lying on them. In the middle, a little elegant flower was hiding.

She had white petals and yellow pistil. She was like the youngest sister and the leaves were her older brothers. She was protected and loved.

I felt so blessed to be able to see all these. I had a wonderful walk in the rain.

- 蹩脚英文写作练习

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