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Loan officer in Austin and interested in money investment


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上次发表了“买CD,还是买money market fund”后有很多小伙伴很感兴趣。文学城真是藏龙卧虎之地。有读者指出说在Chase买VMFXX的话要额外收0.1%的管理费。确实在基金介绍的时候列出了expense ratio是0.11%。这也是Vanguard公布的expense ratio。但在下面又加了一行“management fee 0.1%”。这样的话最后的expense ratio岂不是0.21%了?就不如在Vanguard直接买合算了。

带着疑问我给Chase发了一封信,问我在Chase买的Fidelity的基金列出有management fee,这个是不是Chase额外收取的?下面是回复:


Thank you for contacting us about your investment account ending in xxxx. The management fee is a part of the expense ratio and is imposed by Fidelity. The management fee is intended to cover the various expenses of a team of individuals who oversee, support, and manage the fund. Such expenses may include legal fees, accounting services, and other administrative costs. Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns. Thank you for choosing J.P. Morgan


所以这个管理费是expense ratio里面的一部分。Chase没有额外收取管理费!当然各个基金在Chase卖是要付给Chase费用的。每个基金的expense ratio就cover了这部分费用。所以大家尽管放心,可以在各大券商那里买基金,没有额外的management费用!


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