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Prioritize your tasks

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I finished listening to the audio book “ Eat that frog” while I was doing the housework today.  The falling leaves of the backyard reminds me the winner ought to come.  Time flies fast, I can't believe it’s almost the end of 2020.

Speaking of time, the whole idea of the “Eat that Frog” was about how to be more productive and use your time wisely. The book only lasted 2 and half hours, but I found it very practical. And the most valuable lesson I learned from the book is: Prioritize your tasks!  It tells you how spending a couple of minutes outlining and prioritizing what you need and want to get done will let you get double done that day.

I found myself is having a difficult time to use my own words to give you the summaries due to my poor English. I'll copy his own summaries below for your reference.

Thank you for reading. My first priority at this point in my life is to improve my English. Thanks you all for giving me the motivation to write here everyday. Until next time:)



1. Set the table: Decide what you want

2. Plan the day in advance: Think on paper

3. Apply the 80/20 rule: 20% of activity produces 80% of the results

4. Consider the consequences: of your 20% activities

5. Practice creative procrastination: put off things of low value

6. Use the A B C D E Method continually: prioritize

7. Focus on key result areas: concentrate on results you HAVE to have

8. The Law of Three: ID and focus on the top three before anything else

9. Prepare thoroughly before you begin: get set up to get things done

10. Take it one oil barrel at a time: do it one step at a time

11. Upgrade your key skills: sharpen your sword to do more and better

12. Leverage your special talents:do things are good at wholeheartedly

13. Identify your key constraints: get rid of bottlenecks, choke points

14. Put pressure on yourself: think like you are on vacation tomorrow

15. Maximize your personal power: work hard at your best times of day 

16. Motivate yourself into action: look at the positive now and move on

17. Get out of tech sinks: tech stuff can be time killers

18. Slice and dice the task: break it down, do one piece

19. Create large chunks of time: to focus on certain things

20. Develop sense of urgency: move fast on key tasks

21. Single handle every task: start and fully complete most imp't task

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