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(2019-10-28 07:34:04) 下一个

Marius: 这是我自己想出来的,全世界都没有的新游戏。名字都有了,叫HomingGame

Marius created a new Xcode project and started to design his new game.

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Lucas: 你的bishop归我了,谁叫你违反规则的

While playing a chess game with him, I moved my bishop from a dark colour square to a light colour square. I never realized there is a rule named "confiscation".

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Lucas: 怎么感觉像搬起石头砸自己的脚

We were trying how to implement "capture" in our chess project. What happened on iPad simulator surprised him. It was not the enemy piece which was removed, instead it was our own moving piece.

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Ethan: 一个不好的消息。停课了,太多人得水痘了。


Ethan: 不是发大水,班上有七八个同学得水痘了。


Ethan: 作业比平时更多了。

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Ethan: 像吸血鬼,吸进精华。但这里吸的是代码的精华。

He was refactoring his program to replace old piece drawing code with simplified code. I told him: "You don't have to delete the old code completely since you still need the small snippet of its core logic in your new code".

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