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The reason I take photographs is to share them. I never sell my work and will not. I love photography and I love sharing many things. You have my permission to use and share my photography in any way you wish too. I only ask that you do not sell them. I enjoy seeing my work shared more and more, thank you for helping me do this. If there is a particular image or theme for a photograph you would like, just ask and I will look to see if I can find something that would fit your request. I have many... Your friend, Ted...


This is the "Copenhagen Photo" used for tourism and magazines. I took a taxi from the hotel and just caught the sunset in time. 

I wanted to do much more night photography but it was difficult. I got into an unknown taxi with no English and not knowing the name of the place that I wanted to go. (Risky). Same deal coming back. But as usual I’m lucky, all worked out.

This is the sailing ship in the harbour at Helsinger. Here's a Biography for those who might be interested.

...Stunning Ship...
The training ship Georg Stage was built in 1934 at Frederikshavn Shipyard and floating dock. It is a fully rigged vessel with a permanent crew of 10 and 63 trainees. The training ship belongs to the independent institution The Georg Stage Memorial Foundation, whose aim is: 'To give young people wishing to go to sea, their first lesson in practical seamanship aboard a purpose-built training ship'. The training ship Georg Stage is run in accordance with this policy to this very day. Since 1981, females have been accepted as well as males. After five months at sea, the trainees can immediately take up a position in the merchant navy, with all acquired qualifications in accordance with STCW-95. The history of Georg Stage goes back some 125 years. The first ship sailing under this name - a slightly smaller fully rigged vessel, was launched in 1882 in Copenhagen. On the 25 May in the same year, the ship started her maiden voyage with 80 trainees on board. The ship was equipped and financed by the shipowner, Frederik Stage, and his wife Thea, in memory of their son, Georg, who died of tuberculosis at the age of 22. The original figurehead portraying the young Georg Stage was transferred from the old ship (now "Joseph Conrad" in Mystic, CT) to the present one. "Georg Stage" was among the few that took part in the races of both 1956 and The 50th Anniversary Tall Ships' Races in 2006 (and many others in between). The foundation claims to be the oldest active training institution of its kind in the world.

Dinner and drinks along the canal, my kind of evening with awesome friends or friend.
I think we stayed in Copenhagen a little on the short side. Maybe a week or ten days might have been ok. EH? 

This is a ship in the Helsinki Harbour, "Party Boat" Now more than 60 years old, Kathrina has been surveyed as a passenger ship and during the sailing season she makes charter cruises. Kathrina can take 80 passengers for sailing. The ship operates as a Puosun Kellari restaurant in winter in Helsinki and during the summer season in Rauma, Poroholma sailing ship harbor . The ship's restaurant facilities are suitable for private events for 60 people. While in the dock, the atmospheric sailboat body is suitable for organizing meetings, birthday parties and Christmas parties.

St Petersburg Church

This was the early morning view from my balcony as we arrived at Oslo, Norway. One fine country to visit.

Visitors are always welcome at this place. These ones came yesterday.

Wolfe and Simcoe Islands are covered with Butterflies this year, and after a low count for some years, it is wonderful to see.

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