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Deer Accident

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To live in a small mountainous university town in the eastern US enjoys many unmatched advantages. In addition to various sports, arts, culture, entertainment events year around, the air is clean, water is green, sky is blue, trees change colors with seasons, wild animals peacefully co-exist with humans. True, it is almost a heaven. However, just like what Chairman Mao said, “Everything has two sides”. The rate of automobile accidents caused by deer here is also very high. Such deer accidents were most likely to occur in the deer hunting season in November each year.
Four years ago, I unluckily hit the second deer in three years. As I was driving to work in a lightly foggy morning, I saw three small deer standing in the median waiting for the chance to cross the road. I mistakenly treated them as human beings thinking that they were waiting for chances and would cross the road until all cars have passed – the result of reading too many children stories. As I was approaching the deer, one of them suddenly jumped into the road. It hardly gave me any time to react. My car lightly kissed the deer's rear end and sent him into the grassy area beside the road. Of cause, the front of my car was badly damaged.
I filed insurance claim and went for damage estimate. All three people including me in the waiting room of the body shop had deer accidents. One man told us a funny but true story. His friend's wife was driving in one morning with her husband as the passenger. As the couple was talking on hot topics, the wife lost concentration. The husband suddenly saw a deer standing in the middle of the road. He immediately yelled “DEER!” to warn his wife. She did not pay attention to the road but turned to her husband and sweetly said “Yes, dear.” The car hit the deer causing a good amount of damage.
The wife began to complain “Why did not you warn me?” “Yes, I did.” The husband explained. “But I should yell CAT or something instead of DEER.”

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