Technical trading

Technical analysis is a way to trade stocks. There are different ways to trade. You get your way that match your personality.


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1。耐心持有赢利股,不耐心持有丢钱股。They are patient with winning trades and enormously impatient with losing trade.

2。赚钱比正确更重要making money is more important than being right。

3。看图是找人们要买卖的区点lining up to buy or sell。



6。他们用“裸图”naked chart,注意区域 focus on zones。

7。早就意识到,交易时不舒服是正常的being uncomfortable trading is O.K.。


9。他们不在试着抓住顶和底they stopped tryingto pick tops and bottoms。

10。 他们不再想市场是“便宜cheap"或”贵了expensive“。

11。他们愿意改变方向,如果市场告给这样做。They are willing to change sides if market tells thm to do so.

12。他们在交易好时多交易,交易不好时少交易。They trade aggresively when trading well and modestly when they are not.

13。 他们知道市场明天还要开门。

14。 他们从不向下加码。they never add to a losing trade.

15。挣钱是目地,但这不是成功的喂一标准。Cash is goal,but never the measure of success.

16。他们为市场提供流动性。they provide liquidity to the market while watching price and volume.

17。他们有测量市场恐惧,贪婪和速度的方法。they have a way to gauge fear,greed and speed of the market: Tick charts.

18。他们练习读图的右侧,而不是左侧。they practice readingthe right side of the chart,not the left.


20 。买的股数是按风险承受力算出来的。

21。 目标价是客观的。profit targets are based on average range or something objective.

22。能面对不全的信息做有信心的决定。confident decision makers in face incomplete information.

23。一个丢钱的交易,并不意为他是失败者。A losing trade does not mean they are  a loser.

24。他们的事业不是交易,而是找到正确的交易。their business is not trading-it is finding the right trade.


26。除非有大的变化,他们对一个正在进行的交易信心不变。Their convictions on an active trade remains unless something major changes.

27。 一个赢利交易,不会让他在下一个交易加大额外风险。A winning trade does not result in trading on extra risk the next trade.

28。他们交易对新闻的反应,而不是新闻。They trade the reaction -not the news.

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