Technical trading

Technical analysis is a way to trade stocks. There are different ways to trade. You get your way that match your personality.

ZT: some rules

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1. They value simplicity over complexiity.

2. They magnify their results with a commitmens to the process.

3.They train their minds in alcchemy of fear.

4. They cultivate a sense of gratitude with every trade.

5. They give 100% of themselves when they sit down to trade.

6.  They strive to take trades they're actually proud to take.

7.They align their actions with doing the right thing.

8. They believe that a losing trade does not mean they are losing traders.

My thought,practice using small account,untill you can do what you are intended to do. Or you know you are wrong when you put in a trade cutting loss without hesitation(do not feel the pain anymore,it  happens,and happens one 100% correct.). And when the chances comes out,without hesitation to get order in. Enjoy the process is the key,just like enjoy a game.

When the process becomes natural, a mature trader is born.

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