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★ 既然PCI是最主要的瓶颈,为什么没人对它踢一脚?

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★  既然PCI是最主要的瓶颈,为什么没人对它踢一脚?

★  PCI vs InfiniBand


• 请教各位大侠:就PC的体系结构而言,既然PCI是最主要的瓶颈,为什么没人对它踢一脚,将PC的体系结构大刀阔斧地改革一下呢?


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• 让我们来看看InfiniBand的远见。至于何时能用于个人电脑,在于其性价比何时能被大众接受,一己之见,欢迎探讨。

Let's read InfiniBand's Vision. Whether it can be practically deployed into PC world depends on the price/performance ratio, I think.

InfiniBand was originally envisioned[by whom?] as a comprehensive "system area network" that would connect CPUs and provide all high speed I/O for "back-office" applications. In this role it would potentially replace just about every datacenter I/O standard including PCI, Fibre Channel, and various networks like Ethernet. Instead, all of the CPUs and peripherals would be connected into a single pan-datacenter switched InfiniBand fabric. This vision offered a number of advantages in addition to greater speed, not the least of which is that I/O workload would be largely lifted from computer and storage. In theory, this should make the construction of clusters much easier, and potentially less expensive, because more devices could be shared and they could be easily moved around as workloads shifted. Proponents of a less comprehensive vision saw InfiniBand as a pervasive, low latency, high bandwidth, low overhead interconnect for commercial datacenters, albeit one that might perhaps only connect servers and storage to each other, while leaving more local connections to other protocols and standards such as PCI.[citation needed]

As of 2009 InfiniBand has become a popular interconnect for high-performance computing, and its adoption as seen in the TOP500 supercomputers list is faster than Ethernet.[6] In the recent years InfiniBand has been increasingly adopted in the enterprise datacenters.

for more details, check out this:

As for the PC architecture, PCI is the main bottleneck against the performance. Why didn't we kick it out, dramatically improve PC architecture?  
Can we introduce InfiniBand into PC world?

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