试着告诉读者,生活是多样的。每一个活着的人,在多元化的人生时空里, 扮演着某种角色,向着不同的方向展现着自己的千姿百态,书写着与众不同的生 命华章。

小夜曲 (1973):如今/晚些时候/快了

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A Little Night Music:Now/Later/Soon (1973)

小夜曲 (1973):如今/晚些时候/快了
by 斯蒂芬·桑德海姆

Now 如今


Now 如今
as the sweet imbecilities 当甜蜜,傻傻的欲念
Tumble so lavishly 如此贪婪地
Onto her lap. 在她的大腿上翻滚。
Now, 如今
there are two possibilities: 这里有两种可能性:
A, I could ravish her, A,我会恣意她,
B, I could nap. B,我会打个盹。。

Say 说到
it's the ravishment, then we see 恣意她,我们看到的
The option 当然是,
Which follows, of course: 以下的选择:
A, the deployment of charm, or B, A,施展魅力,或者B,
The adoption 采用
Of physical force. 体力。

Now B might arouse her, 眼下选B会把她弄醒
But let us assume 让我们设想这样的情景:
I trip on my trouser 我穿着裤子磕磕碰碰
Leg crossing the room... 双腿交叉,在屋里穿行。
Her hair getting tangled, 她的头发纷乱如麻,
Her stays getting snapped 她的吊带正被拉断
My nerves would be jangled, 我的神经发生错乱,
my energy sapped... 我大伤真元...

Removing her clothing 她脱去衣服
Would take her all day, 会用上一个整天,
And her subsequent loathing 她随后会厌恶地
Would turn me away 把我抛在一边,
which eliminates B 这就排除了B
Which have us with A... 我们只能把A来选。。。。

Now 如今
Insofar as approaching it, 实现A的方式,,
What would be festive 会是什么表演
But have its effect? 才有它的效验??...
Now 如今
There are two ways of broaching it: 有两种方式交谈:
A, the suggestive, A,暗示
And B, the direct.. 和B,直截了当...
Say 比如说
That I settle on B, to wit, 我选B,机智,
A charmingly 一种迷人
Lecherous mood... 好色的心情...
A, A,
I could put on my night shirt or sit 我可以穿着睡衣,或者打坐
Disarmingly, 引起她的惊奇,
B, in the nude... B,全身赤裸。。。

That might be effective, 这可能会有效果
My body all right, 我的身体还算不错,
But not in perspective 但艺术丰采无丝毫
And not in the light... 而且不能见光照。。。

I'm bound to be chilly 我一定会觉得冷
And feel a buffoon, 感觉象个小丑,
But night shirts are silly 可这睡衣太傻了
In mid-afternoon... 又是在午后。

Which leaves the suggestive, 剩下的是暗示
but how to proceed? 如何来进行?
Although she gets restive, 尽管她的春心蠢动
Perhaps I could read... 或许我能够读懂。。。

In view of her penchant 基于她的爱好
For something romantic, 寻觅某些浪漫,
De Sade is too trenchant 萨德太犀利
And Dickens too frantic, 狄更斯太狂癫,
And Stendhal would ruins 司汤达将会毁掉
The plan of attack 进攻的盘算,
As there isn't much blue in 因为没有多少蓝色
The Red and the Black 在红与黑中间。

De Maupassant's candor 德茂帕山特的坦率
Would cause her dismay, 会让她感到沮丧,
The Brontes are grandor 勃朗特姐妹的著作宏伟
But not very gay. 但不是快乐无边。
Her taste is much blender, 她的口味很单调,
I'm sorry to say. 我只能说声抱歉。
But is Hans Christian Ander- 但汉斯·克里斯蒂安 安德森
sen ever risque? 是否一直有风险?
Which eliminates A... 这就排除了A ...

Now, 如今
With my mental facilities 我精神的设施
Partially mudded 部分已糊涂如泥
And ready to snap... 距离倒塌咫尺远。。。
Now, 如今
Though there are possibilities 尽管有可能
Still to be studied, 依然待调研
I might as well nap... 我也可能去睡眠。

Now 如今
Though I must 虽然我必须
To adjust 调整
My original plan... 我原来的盘算
How 该如何
Shall I sleep 我才能睡在
Half as deep 半睡半醒中
As I usually can? 象通常的那般?

When now I still want and/or love you, 如今我依然想要/爱你,
now as always, 现在,象往常一般
Now, 现在
Anne... 安妮。。。

Later 晚些时候



When is later? ...晚些时候是啥时候?
All you ever hear is "Later, Henrik, 你所听到的都是 “晚些时候,亨里克,
Henrik, later..." 亨里克,晚些时候吧!”

"Yes, we know, Henrik, 是的,我们知道,亨里克,
Oh, Henrik, Everyone agrees, Henrik,哦,亨里克,每个人都同意,亨里克,”
Please, Henrik!" 请别这样,亨里克!

You have a thought you're fairly 一想到这个就你就
bursting with, 很冲动,
A personal discovery or problem, 你个人的发现或问题,
and it's:它是:
"What's your rush, Henrik? 你急什么,亨里克?
Shush, Henrik! 嘘,亨里克!
“Goodness, how you gush, Henrik! 天呐!,你怎么涌出来了,亨里克!
Hush, Henrik!" 嘘,亨里克!

You murmur: 你低语:
"I only--我只是 -
It's just that--" 只是 - ”
"For God's sake, “看在上帝的份上,
later, Henrik!" 晚些时候吧,亨里克!”

"Henrik... ” 亨里克...
Who is Henrik? 谁是亨里克?
“Oh, that lawyer's son, the one who 哦,律师的儿子,那个
mumbles.” 喃喃自语的人。
Short and boring, 短小而无趣,
Yes, he's hardly worth ignoring." 是的,他太容易被忽视,
And who cares if he's all dammed--" 甭管它,假如他的一切被唾弃--

I beg your pardon-- 对不起 -
"Up inside?" “在里面吗?”

As I've often stated, 正如我常说,
It's intolerable 这煎熬
being tolerated. 可真难熬。
"Reassure Henrik, 放心吧,亨里克
Poor Henrik. 可伶的亨里克.
Henrik, you'll endure 亨里克,你扛得住
Being pure, Henrik."亨里克,你纯粹点儿。

Though I've been born, I've never虽然我已出生,可从来就
been! 不纯粹!
How can I wait around for later? 我怎么能等到晚些时候?
I'll be ninety on my deathbed 我就要90岁,该死啦
And the late, or, rather, later, 晚一点儿,或者,晚些时候吧,
Henrik Egerman!亨里克·叶格尔曼!

Doesn't anything begin? 是不是什么都还没开始?

(Shortly thereafter, Anne is standing over Fredrik as he naps on their bed.)

Soon 快了

[ANNE] 安妮

Soon, I promise, 快了,我发誓,
Soon, I won't shy away, 快了,我不会羞怯地躲开,
Dear old-- 亲爱的老友 -

(Catch herself)

Soon, I want to. 快了,我想要。
Soon, whatever you say. 快了,无论你说什么。

Even now, 即使是现在,
When you're close and we touch, 当你接近,当我们接触,
And you're kissing my brow, 当你亲吻我的额头,
I don't mind it too much. 我并不太介意。
And you'll have to admit 你不得不承认
I'm endearing, 我很可爱,
I help keep things humming,我做事象一只蜜蜂嗡嗡叫,
I'm not domineering,我做事不霸道,
What's one small shortcoming? 一个小瑕疵算什么?
And think of how I adore you, 想一想我有多爱你,
Think of how much you love me. 想一想你有多爱我。
If I were perfect for you, 如果我是你最完美的,
Wouldn't you tire of me。 你会不会厌倦我。
Soon, 快了,
All too soon, 来得太快了
Dear old--? 亲爱的老友--?
Soon -- 快了



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