Tango Metropolis

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Have watched the Tango Metropolis show three times on HDNet channel, and am always deeply impressed by its magical, sensual, brilliant, artistic and flawless stage performance. From music to choreography, from musicians to dancers, everything is perfect for watching and enjoying.........

Will be in Argentina one day, for Tango's sake!



Tango Metropolis is a highly innovative tango show created by Daniel Binelli, Pilar Alvarez, and Claudio Hoffmann.

It adds new musical and choreographic forms of tango, dynamically and theatrically expressed, to the themes of the traditional repertoire.

In the first part of the show, Tango Metropolis presents a variety of street characters emerging from the depths of thenight driven by an intimate desire for assertiveness in a hostile city.

Besieged by vertigo, chaos, insecurity and a relentless quest for hope, they dance with all the force, vigour, expressiveness and mystery of avant-garde music contained in the beat and rhythm of Buenos Aires.

Later, a succession of humorous, nostalgic, sensual, and saucy scenes looks back over the styles, feelings, atmospheres, and colours of a hundred years of existence. The hippodrome, the races and the Jockey Club provide the setting for unforgettable moments played with irrepressible humour, flexibility, and magic by their main characters, in a tribute to the favourite personages and musical themes of the salons of yesteryear.

In the second half, Tango Metropolis and its cosmopolitan streets portray love stories, encounters and farewells filled with intense moments of passion and seduction, using the language of tango.

The bandoneon, the instrument that symbolizes the tango and permeates its history, delivers a a stream of harmonies and sounds which propel the bodies into a maelstrom of dance where the artists can express the whole range of their interpretative skills.


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