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A complete blowout, but the Knicks needs to move on.

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I didn't watch the whole game, and stopped watching midway through the 3rd quarter. Knicks lost in every aspect of the game, and just rolled over and died. Yes, the officiating was outrageous, and JVG said "I am not saying anything, and I don't want to say anything". The one-sided call was unbelievable.

I've never seen so many offensive foul calls made on one team in a playoff series, that they completely threw a team out of rhythm. This league is encouraging flopping, massively. Therefore, LBJ is taking advantage of it today, big time.

But Knicks have to move on, and they have to learn from their mistakes. It's playoffs, and every single possession is precious. Knicks were not concentrated enough and they didn't work as hard as they should be. Yes, bad calls are frustrating, but you have to adjust. That's part of the game. I am not happy with Tyson at all. He's a veteran, he's the leader, and he has championship experience. He got called for offensive fouls for charging (it's always arguable), and then he got called for moving screen. It was frustrating too. But then, he did that push out on LBJ. Yes, LeBron acted and made it look worse than it was,IMHO. But why would Tyson do that? Setting a hard pick is something, but delivering a foul (it might just be a ordinary foul), when you already got 3, and you are down big time, and more importantly you know the refs are whistle-happy today, is a very stupid move.

JR always drives me crazy because he always finds the "perfect moment" to foul - foul the offensive player when the shot clock is down, or a player is shooting a three. Those fouls hit the team hard, because again, they eliminated 20 seconds of hard defense, and gave up easy opportunity for free throws.

BD doesn't have enough energy and leg for playoff games, and Bibby is hurting. Iman just went down again. Jeremy was terribly missed. My beef was on Woodson as well - he didn't do anything to change the situation. Yes, the Heat is a better team; and yes, the refs were terrible; and yes, Melo's shots were not falling. But as a coach, you have to recognize the situation and make adjustments. He should definitely demand his players to attack the rim more, and play more inside.

Heat had a cake walk. After 30 minutes, you know it's going to be a loss. Then, you shouldn't be afraid of losing any more. You want to draw something positive from it, to build on it for the next time. You need to show your resistance, and make some trouble for the Heat. Attacking inside, pond the paint, and try to force some calls in your favor, after huge discrepancy in foul calls. You can't keep shooting long jumpers to hope to shoot yourself out of misery.

Losing to the Heat in playoff is ok, and losing to them in their house is kind of expected, but the way the complete flat Knicks lost was inexcusable. The good thing is, they get another chance on Monday. There is a lot to make up, for all the players, especially Melo, Tyson, Stat, and as well as for the coach.

We are watching you, Knicks.

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geneseo 回复 悄悄话 Looking into the roster, other than the center position, the Knicks have disadvantage all over places. But the outcome shouldn't be this bad.

The officiating is a disaster. NBA got to look into this game and make sure there is no Tim Donaghy Jr. working the whistle on that game. I am a long time Knick fan and I can deal with bad games. But seeing the ref took the Knicks out of the game made me sick to my stomach. Shane Battier is a good defender but there is no way he could stop Melo one on one without the help of the refs.

I think the Tyson fouled on LBJ was a very good foul. Tyson realized the game is out if its hand for every reason. He was sending a message that his team was not going down without a fight...we will play you hard, harder than you can imaging. I wish all the Knicks, especially Stat could play as hard as Tyson did. When LBJ and Wade charging to the basket, I want to see Stat gives them a hard enough foul, oh man, I miss Oakley. If I were Woodson I would take Stat out and put Harrellson in and I would tell Harrellson to hit any one who charge into the paint area like a bull. Let the new rivally start if it meant to be. I think the rookie Harrellson could play nasty. Anyone remember how Robert Horry played Nash? yeah, that is how I want my Knicks to play the Heats in this series.

JR is a guy you love to hate or hate to love. JR has a 5 year old brain on a mature body. He came to this team midway through the season and he brings more positive than negative to this team. I accept his whole package. Woodson just needs to do a better job on how to utilize JR to max his production. JR is not a point guard and for him to igniate an offence he will take 70% of those shots by himself.

Our point guard position is the biggest problem. JR and Field have to play heavy minutes on back court. All they need to do is to bring the ball to front court and pass it to Melo. The rest is to let Melo do his things. Melo should drive more if his outside shot is not falling. Anyone that draw double and trible team in the paint should look to kick the ball to the outside standing of Novak or JR.

Go New York Go!