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Last night's VP debate

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Pence won the debate, IMHO.

Their approach to the debate was so drastically contrasting, that itself is worth discussing. 

There is always pros and cons, just like Pence's decision to not engaging in defending Trump's words but rather changing topic, TK's non-stop hammering on Trump was a deliberate move/strategy. Whatever way you go, you are going to gain some points and lose some points. 

On style, Pence won for sure, as the majority of the board have agreed even last night. I'd love to see gentlemen like discussion on political topics, in debate, on TV, or on an anonymous message board. But I couldn't help noticing that the same crowd disgusted by TK's interruption, never bothered by Trump's 50+ interruption at the other night. That is the problem with some most vocal Trump supporters. 

On substance, not the policy substance, coz there really isn't any unknowns, but rather the content of the debate both candidates wanted to leave with audience, both did their jobs. TK's mission was obvious, to sink Trump's (negative) words with voters, and remind them again and again on those words and tax. You may not like that, but he served the purpose. Pence, on the other hand, avoided to defend Trump (some of those things T said couldn't be defended), but rather presented himself as part of the ticket to offer a different angel to the true conservatives. He did very well. 

But part of Trump's problem, or problem of Pence's avoidance to defend, is they can't move on/away from it, unless they put a stop on it. Avoiding for a night is OK, but you can't avoid for the rest 5 weeks. In this Internet age, just calling your opponents lying about your words is not going to work, especially when you did say that. Clinton did what a politician should do - admit it, spin it, give a half-hearted coulda/shoulda regret, and move on. "I would have done differently (on email server)", or "I shouldn't have over generalized (on deplorable comment)". It really doesn't matter whether it's sincere or not, your opponent can't keep asking, "can you defend it?", after you admitted you shouldn't have done it.

I disagree on another poster's suggestion of turning last night into challenging Pence's record on sensitive issues, to attract extreme lefties. Extreme lefties supported Sanders, and if they supported him because of policies, they will not vote for Trump, no matter how much they dislike Clinton. But if they supported Sanders because they couldn't stand Clinton (then they aren’t real extreme lefties), there is no saving anyways. So there is no benefit in turning it to Pence, after all, he's just the VP candidate.

I doubt last night would move any needle, let's see how T and C fare in the next debate, and let's see how some posters react to interruptions:)


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