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Beat cancer, save life, win the battle “fighting cancer ”

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Mingye Niu created “Reborn” heal Cancer, it also called “360 degrees change beats cancer” , it will help all of different cancer patients live stronger/healthier to boost their body’s immune system win their battle “fighting cancer.You have a cancer, you don’t need to die; you can survive !!! you can survive !!! you can survive !!! Don’t quit.,even your doctor told you that nothing could do to save your life anymore. But If you still can eat and drink, then you have a good chance to back life. The way “Reborn” make major changes plus the special ancient supplements I can help you with then there is a chance for you to return back to healthy life! Don’t just depend on hospitals, doctors and “Chemo”drugs. My approach is opposite of traditional pharmaceutical Company treatments of cancer that use “chemo/harsh chemicals that often make your body weaker, doctors and drugs just very small part to help you fighting with cancer; the biggest part is every minute, every hour, every day and every time whatever you put into your mouth! it is how much you have cleaned up your body; it is how much your Body microcirculation reorganizes the bacterium groups working; It is how much you giving your body energy; if you totally changed everything put into your mouth, and do the way I have done to help my husband who had The same worst kind of of brain cancer that Killed Senator John McCain And TedKennedy,And former VP Biden’s son(but my husband not only survived for a few years but is now getting better!   (Plus I have saved several other people with other terminal cancers—-the hospitals said were hopeless—Yes the MRIS now show the cancer is gone!)I accomplish this by change your eating, drinking(to a more basic foods rural Chinese diet plus special ancient-knowledge anti- cancer supplements) then you can survive !!! Whatever I said in 2017 when my husbandAndrew’s tumor came back bigger and no surgery available The neuro- oncologist(Dr Mary Welchtold me at Columbia New York hospital; there was no futher brain cancer surgery they could do and she announced he would die before January 2018. That time I wrote on my Facebook that I believe food, drink and other special things I was going to do help my husband winning the cancer; now is January 2020, it was proven  by the reality! My husband Andrew Walzer is doing very good. in August 2019, We was told by Dr Fine from Cornell Hospital that there was no activity brain tumor in Andrew’s tenth MRI ;And looking back over 9 MRIs.In fact Dr. Howard Fine at Cornell New York hospital,said  therewas no longer even any significant tumor in the brain scan MRI to operate on.Jan14,2020, my husband’s MRI showed even the died tissue in his brain has shrunk to smaller 



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