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I wander many years in outside, homesickness am cherished, thereupon then does not attend to "stream of people of the spring festival transportation" like moistly, impatient to get back, returned to the long separation hometown.

"Spring Festival" just passed, my old schoolmate Wang, also was present old Siberian elm's village director invites me to eat meal to in his family. My this old schoolmate really has the capacity for alcohol, we first drink 60 old white wine, meets is drinking the beer. Said sentence Real intention, I also somewhat am unable to withstand. But, I once rushed in outside (A lot of ages in which oneself is busied outside of me)  the year, although on did not have the capacity for alcohol, might also be able to resist the period of time. Our many years do not see, each other must discusses the daily family activity, between the old schoolmate does not have the barrier, I on the probe asked which he does come that many money, he unexpectedly had a big mouth, speaks his "to become rich the" secret......

The higher authority civil administration department gives out the poor rural household, household enjoying the five guarantees's subsidy generally all provides by the village in, this section we all leave behind a part to pay wages as the village commission. Moreover, the civil administration department "Spring Festival in front of" can give the poor rural household some rice flour oils and the clothing every year, we leave behind the quite good clothing, again reduces each household assignment amount some ---- to have to divide besides the village cadre falls in part of ---- villages to have the night watchman! Thus, in our each village cadre's family on obtained clothing basic sufficient several month-long.


These years country is appropriating takes back from agriculture also Lin Kuanshi according to the area computation, but we according to the survival rate computation, only this item of we greatly have gained.

The tax spends before the reform, we all must three raise above five series "in" to make the issue, must many increase price, otherwise, how does the village commission's cafeteria manage? Doesn't this year, eat does not eat in vain, who eats without paying not to eat! In the town main leadership Time of one o'clock (point) is drawn out during busy meets the Laishan to eat the sea to drink --- deals with the relationship between superior and subordinate.

I asked that, you do this, the populace do not oppose? After the old schoolmate listens to saying which the appearance flies upwards that, In our village, but also really has that several not one who understands the times, all day was shouting "bears overweight", starts to report to the authorities to the county in, afterwards arrived the city, the province, finally arrived Beijing, listened to in the town the leader said Ministry of Agriculture came to turn over the handling the letter, afterwards is put aside. Let alone our here so, the national farmer bears all like this, considers to where also is in vain however. Once, they refuse to pay "three to raise five series", we have organized a sub-element, comes "to" defiant person "to kill the chicken while the monkey watches", is called the police to detain them, afterwards, the sub-element seizes theirs production daily necessities. From then on, very few occurred again resists the junction "defiant person".


The old schoolmate continues mysterious to say that, you knew why I have done for more than 30 years? In the countryside works as the cadre, certainly to be sure jokes, must look in town main leadership meaningful glance, knew very well he happy is wicked, otherwise, gave up any idea of steadily makes "Senkaku Islands". Let alone "fishes perquisite", is you uncorrupt also can fry by "squid". Now works as the village cadre, where has not not corruptly? The corrupt number few was has been honest, otherwise everybody struggled works as village cadre for what!

You said that, the water conservancy department allocates funds, to use for nearly every year to drill the mechanical well or to realign a river. Most recent several years are Ministry of Water Conservation do not drink do not drink the doorknob funds to dial in vain to the village in, now have not been good, generally all are come by the water conservancy department directly to construct the side payment. But, a "height foot, evil spirit high ten feet", we specially look for own ginseng and the construction, after treats when the project is completed to the finance department Money is taken, the multi- newspapers construction quantity, the construction side and we are all many cup of thick soup. Each other has a tacit understanding, lives in peace with each other.

I really am "listen to Mr. what one says, the victory to read ten years book"! Original village cadre's "perquisite" unexpectedly has such in a big way! My foreign-style clothing is relentless, continues to ask that, You do the embezzlement not to fear the populace report to the authorities? The old schoolmate has patted my shoulder, confidently said......

You thought we completely took in the embezzlement money in own pouch? Non-! If such speech, our already be exposed. Must want to achieve safe and sound, had first "to feed the above main leadership" to be good, other young soldier privates simply paid no attention to him.


Hears here, I unable to restrain the bursting out laughing to laugh in spite of trying not to. I asked whether these years do have expose you? After the old schoolmate listens, looks disgruntled, layer on layer as soon as strikes the hand toward the table on, as if somewhat bristles with anger the appearance, is panting in indignation downward says......

Three years ago, some several populace really are ignorant of current affairs, they unexpectedly consider us to the city discipline inspection commission. You said they can win a lawsuit us? I ask in reply: In your heart is confident very much? He carries the wine class, tosses down, carefree dripping said......

The discipline inspection commission cadre's just started on a journey, we have received the telephone. They as soon as alight, is crowded around by the county township main leadership around was entering a luxurious hotel. After It drinks once eating once very much, also gives them several Beautiful elder sister to enjoy, has delivered the red package afterwards, is radiant with smiles the discipline inspection commission cadre mysterious said to us: We in report the leadership on the material to sign "to look up do not have this matter". Although that several do not know good from bad the populace still persisted to report to the authorities, but they actually did not know, we were the protection which is led the higher authority!


The old schoolmate speaks of here, I suddenly remember about the village commission change session the election situation, after he listens to the appearance to fly upwards immediately, continues to say......

The countryside election all is walks the interlude. The populace represent with villagers group leaders all are we appoint, in the town assumes personal command cadre to the village in, even if the populace do not throw our ticket also not to matter, in the town also must be called us to continue to do, you said we can get down? We and they already were tie up in on-line the grasshopper!

The old schoolmate endlessly was saying, his wife illuminates his Back
 is a palm of the hand, shouts: Is depending on the old schoolmate is not the bystander, you looked you have drunk that -You see a lot, drink you, and it urinates in soup in it the boat tracker......

I hurriedly meet the stubble, he drank many, all was Story of sake
. Actually, after the "liquor spits true words".

Works many years in the city, has gradually faded from the memory to the hometown matter, suddenly listens to old schoolmate's generous Say going into raptures, cannot help but has held breath cold air. Unexpectedly obtains the higher authority even higher authority compared to the sesame seed grain of also small village official higher authority's "to protect"!



" 春节"刚刚过去,我的一位老同学王某,也就是现在老榆树的村主任就邀请我到他的家里吃饭。我的这位老同学真有海量,我们先喝六十度的老白干,接着又喝啤酒。说句心里话,我也有些招架不住。不过,我曾在外奔波多年,虽说不上有海量,可也能抵挡一阵子。我们多年不见,彼此要唠唠家常,老同学之间没有隔阂,我就试探地问他哪来的那么多钱,他竟口无遮拦,讲起了他"致富"的秘诀......




我问,你们这样做,群众不反对吗?老同学听后神采飞扬的说:在咱村里,还真有那么几个不识时务者,整日叫嚷着"负担过重",开始到县里举报,后来又到市、省,最后到北京,听镇里的领导说农业部来了交办函,后来被束之高阁了。别说咱这里如此,全国的农民负担都这样,告到哪里也是枉然。有一次,他们拒绝交纳 "三提五统",我们组织了一个小分队,对"刁民"来个"杀鸡给猴看",叫警察将他们拘留,之后,小分队把他们的生产生活用品夺走。从那以后,很少再发生拒交的"刁民"了。









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