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The public servant is tyrannical and the grass people's blood tear  
Mr Zhang Mingshan

   From the writing record history to today the social operation which carries on, performs on our this land all is the minority person to overwhelming majority person's enslaving. Although after the more tyrannical Chinese Communist Party comes on stage, reveres these social underlying bed grass people is "the master", own humbly call self "the public servant", to this lets these fall the deeper morass people to be able to anaesthetize in the spiritual deceit fantasy, reduces the painful struggling, lengthens the tyrannical rule. But these are called the common people, people's crowd, all only is always the material which the herdsman leads a life of comfort.

   "Tyranny fiercely to tiger". Also did not say The big one and the small one calling self "public servant" the master, to hardly for puts on "the master" the chain grass people too to be responsible either the fist foot or the state apparatus "the education transformation", also did not say "the public servant" to "the master" "I is I, you also are I" plunder "really", merely "hires" "the public servant" expense, "master" the waist pressure bent. In 2005 China budgets and outside the budget the administrative expenditures disbursement 9, 64.614 billion Yuan; In 2004 only the public vehicle, goes abroad, the food and drink reaches as high as 9, 000.1 billion Yuan; Copes with Falungong, the monitoring objection public figure, blocks off the Uygur power visitors appealing to the higher authorities, seals off the network, constructs the office building construction "the face-saving project" the expense, definitely also is the astronomical figures; In addition jumps over corruptly is instead fiercely spoiled, what type hard back does press does not fall face down? 天可怜见 is, sent according to the country changes committee end of last year the incomplete statistics: The nation has the about 200 million farmers' yearly income insufficient 300 Yuan(RMB).

   Rich are heartless. Our country rich people are "the Chinese characteristic", the overwhelming majority apex rich and powerful people are "the palm bucket" the end walked "the big rice cooker" (Qin Huiyu), nearly all rich people all help "the palm bucket" the end pot to become rich. For rich when was unkind, after is rich or has been unkind. 3, 000 corrupt officials dig 670,000,000, The big one and the small one "the crown prince party" has occupied financial, the foreign trade, the national territory development, the big-scale work, the negotiable securities outdoor shop. In 2008 "Social Blue book" the data, business wins original -odd from 20% enhances to 30.6%, but wages occupies GDP the proportion to drop year by year. The basic livelihood of the people public investment occupies GDP the proportion to press up to the world first. The attention, inside this also has very greatly together is the rich person "the elder brother" - the officials - although "is basic does not use" the wages which actually as soon as rises rises again, with special treatment.

   Originally "the big fish eats the small fish, the small fish eats the sun-dried shelled shrimp, the sun-dried shelled shrimp eats the silt" is "perfectly justified" Custom of successive, the ancestors are endure like this are buried, □o the time has been only different, now is fastidious "It advances in the age", certainly compared the past in the degree also "the progress". The most major problem is originally also is fastidious the spot "the tender feeling", but also wears "the veil", now not only is naked, moreover broke through the agent.

   Is sick the suicide to hang oneself without the money, has already become the rule, this is we has already accepted "person's ability" the question. But "was careful do not let the valuable horse-drawn vehicle hit", also has already become our mutual recognition; The black brick kiln and each kind of ore are difficult, also is not greatly easy to touch we already numb nerve; The entreatment returns the wages which is behind in payment crawls Tower crane, early is reprimanded by the person "does Xiu", comes under attack suffers the knife, also early has become the routine matter; Academician He Zuoxiu already has instructed earnestly we: "Who lets you unfortunately live in China", we pass through the wool type "the revolution" the Deng type "the reform" informed and experienced, already had this consciousness. Let us restlessly is, now "It advances in the age" the speed too is quick, "drinks the blood" society's progress speed, "sustainably caused us to endure" cannot adapt for a while. This, now also is not fashionable selects the foot muscle, also makes us startled one one for the first time.

   Laichau city post Daozhen god LaiZhouShiYidaozhengShenShuiyuan(Address) village villagers Liu the Hong river, in 1991 the fall worked when a sunshine general contractor, because begs the wages, after is wiped out the tooth to destroy the knee to select breaks the foot muscle, the Jiangsu threw nearby the road with Che Ladao Lu Gouli. Liu Hong Jiangpa returns to the sunshine to construct when the work site continues to beg the wages, already the building sells the complete human not trace. Liu Hong Jiang depended on in the sunshine sorts in the trashcan food to live for 17 years. On December 8, 2007, Liu Hong Jiang Brother hear after the news to go home Liu Hong Jiangjie. Liu Hong Jiangyin is destroyed the patella to select breaks the foot muscle to become the disabled person, □o can lean is lying down the feces and urine.

   The so-called reform carries on the present, each step all is take "Weak power" community's blood tear as the price. The authority and the wealth, always are "the Chinese characteristic" in the reform process shape and the shade, they cruel were tyrannical, have rended the Chinese society. The authority and the wealth, repeatedly launch an attack to the numb weak one, stimulates their pain nerve, lets them be able not but to struggle deals with. Unfair not righteousness plundering and regards as "Weak power" the pig dog arrogant, unceasingly surmounted "Weak power" "sustainable endures" the limit, aggravates "is drinking the blood" the social not harmonious haze. Weak power the each policy making implementation, all is the more numbness activation, drives away more and more many people to the opposite trench, the nation already is at the state of war. Each time arise suddenly the event, all is "Weak power
" is compelled □□ the angle sleepy beast still to fight, all is "Weak power" breaking through which goes all out for the survival, gets stronger and stronger the Uygur power movement is "Weak power" defends stubbornly finally that survival rights and interests passive defensive war.

   A powerful official strong Liang step by step closing in on, compels more and more many "Weak power" the dead end, has no way out "Weak power" the troop unceasingly to expand, finally unavoidably has the archery target change. Along with this kind of contest unceasingly the correlation, clear "I am the egg, I feared who" the truth populace, finally inevitably did find the collective to resist this kind of most powerful weapon, once some time arise suddenly the event the spark sufficiently to ignite the anger which the populace for a long time gathers, is very possible to evolve France -like "the revolution".

   Today fills the air which in the social accumulated grievances, □o can use the democracy the method to extinguish the social long hatred, to this avoids the entire national tragedy the occurrence. But in "does not have the nation" "not to have in the big environment which the official" a party rules as a dictatorship, fantasized "heats Canada is full" the method with the gracious gift populace, this kind "inhuman" system preserve, is without doubt climbs a tree to catch a fish. The practice proved, does not save in the big environment in the democracy which a party rules as a dictatorship, powerful official's greedy rich person's unkind any restriction strength restraint, had not fantasized the gracious gift populace "heat Canada to be full" also are not impossible.


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