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Wednesday, Dream is my reality

After yesterday whole day raining it is perfect today

Relax, Go to gym, shopping, bargaining. Enjoy sunset walking along the beach。

In the morning I watch a movie talking about a famous singer,David Cassidy's life, his rise, decadence, and rise up again, his songs are very good, he is very popular in 1970's, now in my mp3 search list add one more name.。

I missed the breakfast and I feel a little bit tired and I go to the beach, find a chair under palm tree shadow and lay down myself, watch two boy play kayaking together, and wave keep polishing the beach, but it's not noisy at all, you can easily fell asleep with the breeze, what a wonderful life!。

After lunch I and Kelvin go to beach again, he is attracted by a guy doing painting on glasses, I saw that before and I never have good feeling to those "tramp artist", but after I watch for a while I found his painting is good, compared to those I saw in the flea market, and if you hang them on the wall in a house it will bring a special tropical sentiment to the room. So I buy two by 8000bs, one is deep blue background representing a serene night, sitting in a boat, with star shining in the sky(I told him add the star), and  palm trees along the beach, another is representing sunset in the island, with sea gulf flying over the sea.

Suddenly I remind my brother, he is really good at painting and have the sense that I never have, he used to paint all kinds of different things, oil, water color, print, but the most impressive painting is using pen or pencil draw the cartoon character like ??? in Punch Mania, the difficulty is using numerous small dots not brush to present differnt grayscale, and the painting is almost as big as true man, it need  great patience and lots of time to do it, and the impression is great and very attractive, I remember he told  me proudly that his drawing was stolen from the showcase. I have two and dump them before university graduate  since too dirty. Now he is so lazy he would not draw  again, once a person's motivation gone his emotion  gone. And the human nature man will do anything for woman but very difficult for them to help the same sex.。

After sleep I go out to the closest town to buy some clothes for myself, I want to buy the baseball hat the  Holland boy bought and I climb over that small mountain go along the long long beach at the other side, after 20 minutes I reach the flea market and all stores selling almost the same things:T Shirt, hat, smock,  ceramics. I buy a tower with the whole venezuela map and there is an animal represent a province, I also buy two shorts, one for swimming one for hiking, all with zips, and the hat, all at the prices I set but I run out of all BS so I spend more time to find change next day. Those handicraft like indian mask, small statue  are too coarse so I didn't buy anything of that. My waist pack now is totally empty, yesterday it still had lots of bills, and I feel something strange but I can't find out why(later I know, the empty purse means I didn't bring the key with me).

With lots of stuff in my back pack I just feel like a peasant come back with harvest. And walk back along  the same beach that I came, enjoy the sunset, all traveller already gone since no sun shine. using chinese  can express myself more precisely,



背 个书包在肩上,手里的啤酒就快见底,海风海浪你继续吹呀,自由的日子呀还有几天。

多少忧愁欢乐 多少难忘故事 都随着风儿轻轻转不完

多少亲朋好友 多少关慰帮助 全部都历历再现我心中”


dinner we have very good rib, I think they use honey and then barbecue, we all eat 3 plate, greedy, yes, I found  every meal has one thing very special and delicious, so keep the travllers' appetite.

Night show is dancing again, not cultural dancing, totally spanish dancing, hot, lively. There are two girls very beautiful, one is dark color but slim and pure, another white girl come from British, too much make-up in the eye and looks sexy and alluring. There are two singers one is a little man, and one is big fat lady looks like HongKong Maria, funny. This shows only performed every 2 weeks so we are lucky again.

And male dancers are our bay watchers, some of them with degage long hair, and I remember someone want me introduce some handsome spanish boys, why not tell her come over here and enjoy all kinds of service?

After the show the bay watchers invite us to go to downtown disco since they will go to there do performance, but we are quite tired so we didn't go with them, but maybe it's a pity. Of course you need to pay 10,000BS for that.

I argue with Polish about China, he seems to know something, but most of things relate to cultural revolution and 1989, and insist Tibet independence and say China is very poor(he mean difference and lots of people still in poverty. Of course I said he don't know China, and he challenge me back said "how much do u know about Polland, what's the capital of Polland", at that moment I suddenly forget Warsaw! but I remember how many officer get killed by Russia and 2 million Pollish Jewish killed by German, and I fight back:I don't care Polland because I don't need to know, but the whole world care about China because Chinese is smart and we are more and more powerful. And Pollish said "made in China" is garbage, right now in Canada everywhere we can see "made in china", and he never buy them because quality, he said those are one-off stuff, even Nike, he like it but since now it was made in China he won't buy it again. To some extent I agree we make cheap and low quality products for low income people. But his point also represent lots of middle and high class western, we can't change their point by oversea chinese, only by the change of our country can affect the whole world, I wish one day "Made in China" become a pride brand, like the change of "Made in Japan". And I also wish China more efficiency, less corruption, less individualism, more cooperation, and more down-to-earth, show respect to the jobs like HongKong.

But the pollish's living style is quite worth referencing, like travelling, he share a house in Spain with other people, so using time sharing he can live there as long as he want and from there go around the beautiful cities like Morocco, Gilbratar in one day, no mention those cities in Spain, and the house facilities are complete, 3 bed room, swimming pool, barbecue. and close to beach, and city is good, more than 2000 middle and high class restaurant, and lots of exquisite handicraft, good clothes, safety. This is a good living style, know where and how to spend money to enjoy life, and you have time and freedom to enjoy that place, I like this way.

Later we all gather in the main bar, drink and talk, Pollish this time ask for pure wine, no cocktail, and the bartender give him several cups of the strongest wine, he drink them straight and make a gesture means if I drink like one cup I  will lay down immediately, I say no and I drink 3 cups straightly then all other guys said I am hero! I told them one can drink strong wine doesn't mean anything but we know somebody just think like that.

Pollish said here is boring, food here is garbage, sea is not as good as Spain, I know he like Europe very much, but  travel need imagination, flexibility, and passion to feel the culture and enjoy the environment, or nothing can arouse  one's interesting.

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