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Contrast, People's Republic of China poor person; Rich person:对

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Contrast, People's Republic of China poor person; Rich person:



Mainland governmental agency partial luxurious buildings exposure(chart)
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                                    Only some 10 staff's Xinzhou coal supervises the bureau office building
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    Mainland governmental agency partial luxurious buildings exposure
     Network of friend  names "the domestic first luxurious subdistrict office"

    Mainland governmental agency partial luxurious buildings exposure 

     Resembles "the White House" Zhengzhou Hui Jiqu office building


    Mainland governmental agency partial luxurious buildings exposure 
     Surpasses budgets two time of Henan Puyang county party committee county government building


    Mainland governmental agency partial luxurious buildings exposure

     Only some ten staff's Xinzhou coal mine An Jianju, actually some 450 belts bathroom ultra big area office, some 36 sets of ultra big area housing. National An Jianju Bureau Chief Li Yizhong successively in the nation safety in production video frequency can with the bureau institution and at the Beijing unit cadre congress, gives the severe criticism to Shanxi Xinzhou coal mine An Jianju. 


    According to "Chinese Youth Daily" reported, the Xinzhou coal mine An Jianju office building and the housing building and is constructing the guesthouse, is located in the Xinzhou city economic development zone. Housing building altogether 3 units 36 anterooms, floor space smallest 140 square meters, greatest 180 square meters. This game is constructing the guesthouse (the official name is: The Xinzhou city coal mine security supervision bureau staff training center), underground 1, the ground already built up 5, the floor space above 3,000 square meters. 

    Also reported according to "Chongqing Business Newspaper", in May, 2006, under Chongqing governs the Jiangjin city (at present changed the Jiangjin area) several rivers subdistrict office office building picture to send on-line by Network of friend , Network of friend is called "the domestic first luxurious street office building". It is reported, the office block reaches as high as 10, the outward appearance is grand. Latter investigates according to the Jiangjin city municipal government, this office building constructs together by more than 10 departments, the area has not exceeded the allowed figure, the fund originates also does not have any question, the Jiangjin city municipal government to think this building the plan standard and the scale and the Jiangjin city at present the economical development actual level compares some in advance. 

    Xinhua News Agency - 6 brand-new office blocks, 1 giant hemispheroid convention center imposing manner is broad; Several hundred Chinese acres green, the botanical garden, the rockery, the eruptive fountain surround... ... This is Henan Zhengzhou Hui Jiqu the government work new address. In at the end of May, 2006, after Network of friend resembles this outward appearance "the White House" the government work new address picture on-line exposure, its scenery landscape -like construction pattern and 530 Chinese acres Wrests away the land scales, bring in many questions. 

    But according to Hui Jiqu government's introduction, the construction newly manages public welfare enterprise and so on public Fang Jilv, facility, altogether invests 120 million Yuan(RMB). Among them, the municipal government supports 30 million Yuan(RMB), the original address auctions 21 million Yuan(RMB), the original correlation property conformity 20 million Yuan(RMB), other undertake by the area finance, "has not allocated a cent money to the area of jurisdiction populace, for the basic unit various towns (street), the village, the group has not brought any extra economical burden." 

    Xinhua News Agency - Henan Puyang person even financial revenue only 200 Yuan(RMB), still had hundreds of thousands of person of solution warm and sufficient condition financial poor county, actually repeatedly left the great writer in the office building construction aspect: In September, 2002, in not in the situation which requests authorization according to the stipulated procedure, the Puyangzhen begins the construction county party committee county government to synthesize the work and the official trains the building. This item design floor space 15,000 square meters, estimate the total investment 9.75 million Yuan. In June, 2004 the project is completed, not only the area increases to the nearly 20,000 square meters, the project total construction cost also amounts to more than 32 million Yuan(RMB). 

    Above the pillar of the state is not positive, the under pillar of the state is crooked but actually . The Puyangzhen works and the social security bureau office block begins in 2005, in 2006 pays the use. The main branch leaves more than 8 million Yuan, 3 million Yuan (RMB)departments divert this county Chemical fertilizer factory"4,050" personnel's living expenses and the pension.

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