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62 Edible Wild Plants That You Didnt Know You Can Eat


By Colin

You’re  in the woods with some friends and realise neither of you packed enough food, what’s your first instinct? I certainly wouldn’t panic and neither should you. You are probably armed with tools in your backpack. Combine that with the Earth vast variety of natural foods; you should have little problem in getting nourishment. What then are those food that aren’t only found in restaurants or grocery stores?

你和一些朋友在林里,发现都没有帶足的食物,你的第一直是什么? 我当然不会惊慌,你也不要惊慌。 你應該瞄準你背包里的工具。 把它与地球上的各种天然食物合起来; 你应该没有什么问题得到营养。 那些不仅仅是只能在餐杂货店里找到的食物?

This variety of foods include; wild berries, edible plants and even seeds! Sounds questionable? No need to worry as these wild edible plants, berries and seeds, are totally safe for consumption as long as you are certain of their identity when collecting.

种食物包括: 野生果,食用植物甚至种子! 听起来有问题吗? 无需担心,因为这些野生食用植物,果和种子,只要您在收集确定其身份,就完全可以食用。

If you are at any point unsure of the plant, you can perform the Universal Edibility Test. But! If you not one hundred percent sure of the plant that you are identifying, I would advise against consuming it.

如果您植物不确定,可以行通用可测试。 但! 如果您没有百分之百确定您所识别的植物,我会建不要食用它。

Let’s take a look at some of these edible wild plants:


1. Fireweed 火草,之所以叫作火草,因為它是一種先鋒物種,尤其是在森林大火或林木砍伐後,只要有空間和充足的光線,這種植物就會生長和開花。它的葉子可以做茶,花可以做果凍。

Fireweed, or scientifically referred to as Chamerion angustifolium, is an edible plant which is native throughout the Northern Hemisphere.It is commonly referred to as rosebay willow herb in Britain, and in some parts of Canada as great willo wherb.Fireweed can be easily identified by its smooth and erect reddish stem, and unique leaves which have a vein pattern that is circular and does not discontinue at the end of the leaf.

火草,或科学上称为 Chamerion angustifolium,是一种可食用的植物,原产于整个北半球。它通常被称为rosebaywillowherbin英国,并且在加拿大的一些地方被称为伟大的柳树。通过其光滑和直立的红色茎干和独特的叶子可以很容易地识别杂草,这些叶子具有圆形的静脉图案并且在叶子的末端不会中断。

2. Dandelion 蒲公英,學名:Taraxacum,它屬於菊科(Asteraceae)植物。這是大家最熟悉的一種可食用的野菜。它還有很多近親,例如我們說的苦菜等等。它的名字來自法國dent-de-lion“獅子的牙齒”,一個很有意思的名字。嘻嘻

You’re probably thinking “There’s no way I can eat this!”. However, the Taraxacum, or more commonly referred to as “Dandelion”, is, in fact, entirely edible.This means that its flowers, leaves, and even roots, are safe for consumption.The leaves of a Dandelion are generally 5-25cm long or longer and their flower heads are yellow to orange coloured which are open during the daytime, but closed at night.

你可能在想 “我不可能吃这个!”。 然而,蒲公英,或更常称为“蒲公英”,实际上是完全可食用的。这意味着它的花,叶,甚至根,都可以安全食用。蒲公英的叶子一般长5-25厘米或长,它们的花头是黄色到橙色,在白天是开放的,但在晚上是关闭的。

3. Chickweed 缕,屬於康乃馨科(Caryophyllaceae)。它是日本春天節日Nanakusa-no-sekku消費的象徵菜餚的成分之一。

This plant, knows scientifically as “Stellaria media”, can be used as a cooling herbal remedy and a safe, nutritious edible.Chickweeds can be identified by fine hairs located on only one side of its stem in a single band and fine hairs on its sepals. A prime salad ingredient if you were to ask me!

这种植物在科学上被称为“繁缕媒介”,可以用作凉爽的草药和安全,营养的食物。可以通过仅在其茎的一侧上的单个带中的细毛和在其萼上的细毛来识别。 如果你问我的话,这是一种主要的沙拉配料!

4. Curly Dock 皺葉酸模,顾名思义它具有独特的波浪和曲卷的边缘,其幼叶几次煮沸可食用。


RumexCrispus, commonly referred to as “Curly Dock”, is a safe selection for a snack if you’re in a tight spot with limited to no other edible options.  Although the leaves of this plant can be described as appetizing and a prime source of both vitamin A and vitamin B, it is best to be consumed moderately as it can cause urinary tract irritation.

学名RumexCrispus,它是蓼科的一个种类,通常被称为“卷曲码头”,如果你食物紧缺,没有其他可食用的选择,它是一个安全的小吃选择。 虽然这种植物的叶子可以被描述为开胃和维生素A和维生素B的主要来源,但最好是适度食用,因为它会引起尿路刺激。

5. Asparagus 芦笋,这里是野生的,形状细而狭长。

 Asparagus, easily identified by its fleshy green spears which are luscious and delicate, can be eaten raw as opposed to boiled. It is a good source of vitamin C and potassium.Be mindful of wild Asparagus which has a thinner stalk than those usually found in grocery-stores.Harvest length of these plants are usually 6-8 inches.

芦笋很容易通过其肉质和细腻的绿色长矛识别出来,可以生吃而不是煮沸。 它是维生素C和钾的良好来源。注意野生芦笋,其茎比通常在杂货店中发现的更薄。这些植物的收获长度通常为6-8英寸。

6. Chicory 菊苣根,其根部经过烘烤和研磨,可以作为咖啡的添加剂。

If I were to make a decision solely based on appearance, I wouldn’t hesitate to snack on this beautiful plant!This member of the Dandelion family is a bushy plant with typically bright blue flowers. The leaves of this plant can be eaten raw, along with the flowers but the roots aren’t edible unless they are boiled.

如果我只根据外观做出决定,我会毫不犹豫地以这种美丽的植物当零食吃!这个蒲公英家族的成员是一种浓密的植物,通常有鲜艳的蓝色花朵。 这种植物的叶子可以和花一起生吃,但除非煮沸,否则根不可食用。

7. Wood Sorrel 酢浆草,嗯,同意作者的观点。这种小小的心形三叶草吃起来酸酸的,的确非常爽口。放在沙拉里是不错的选择。OK

This medium-sized plant is an effective thirst quencher and exhilarating snack. A perfect find for a food-deprived hiker right?The flowers can range from green to bright yellow in colour, and the leaves are a great source of vitamin C.The leaves, flowers and other parts have a flavour that is slightly sour which may be comparable to lemons.

这种中型植物是一种有效的解渴和令人振奋的零食。 对于缺乏食物的徒步旅行者来说,这是一个完美的发现吗?花的颜色从绿色到亮黄色,叶子是维生C的重要来源。叶子,花朵和其他部分的味道略带酸味,可与柠檬相媲美。

8. Bull Thistle 公牛蓟花蕊吃起来还好些,因为此植物全身带刺。

You can identify this plant by its firm and thorny stem and leaves that end in sharp, extended thorns. This plant looks like one should be sceptical to touch, let alone eat it.However, the Bull Thistle root as well as its young leaves are edible. The prickles must be removed from the leaves before consumption!

你可以通过它坚固而棘手的茎和叶来识别这种植物,它以尖锐的长荆棘结束。 这种植物看起来应该对触摸持怀疑态度,更不用说吃它了。然而,公牛蓟根以及它的幼叶是可食用的。 食用前必须从叶子上除去刺!

9. Alfalfa 苜蓿素有“牧草之王”的美誉,有70种之多。


A flowering plant in the pea family, Alfalfa is nutritious and may be used for a variety of benefits including; treatment for alcoholism and drug dependency.It has deep roots and can grow quite tall making it very resilient. The leaves and young shoots are the only parts that you can eat raw.

紫花苜蓿是豌豆科的一种开花植物,营养丰富,可用于各种益处,包括: 治疗酒精中毒和药物依赖。它有很深的根源,可以长得很高,非常有弹性。 叶子和嫩枝是你可以吃的唯一部分。

10. Broadleaf Plantain 大車前草, 又名寬葉車前

A species of the plantain family, Broadleaf Plantain is rich in vitamins A, C and K. The leaves are green and oval-shaped with thick-stemmed leaves that meet at a base.The entire plant is edible but it recommended that the leaves be eaten raw while they are young and tender.


11. Creeping Charlie 田旋花亦称铜钱状珍珠菜(moneywort)

Sounds like a detective’s nickname doesn’t it? Actually, this plant which is an excellent source of vitamin C, has been commended for centuries for its nutritious value.It is covered with very fine hair and its main root is thick. The young leaves of this plant can be consumed raw.

听起来像侦探的绰号不是吗? 实际上,这种植物是维生素C的极好来源,几个世纪以来因其营养价值而受到赞扬。它覆盖着非常细的头发,主根很厚。 这种植物的嫩叶可以生吃。

12. Forget Me Not 勿忘我,因为这个浪漫的名字,每年7月1日纽芬兰人都会佩带这种花草,以悼念在第一次世界大战中牺牲的战士。

Just the name of this herb should be ensuring enough! Scientifically referred to as Myosotis;the Forget-Me-Not flowers are minuscule, tender and usually blue in colour. They are more common during Spring. The flowers are the edible part of the plant and is indeed a safe choice for a snack.

这种草的名称应该足够确保! 科学上称为勿忘我; 勿忘我花是微小的,柔软的,通常是蓝色的。它们在春季更常见。 花是植物的可食用部分,确实是小吃的安全选择。

13. Garlic Mustard 大蒜芥末,因为压碎的叶子有大蒜和芥末的味道,所以它是欧洲最古老的香料之一。

All parts of this plant emit a strong odour. Its flower is only visible from the month of May until June.The Garlic Mustard plant has broad, kidney-shaped leaves, small flowers and slender pods that contain the seeds. It is classified as an invasive species, in North America, where you are more likely to commonly see it.

这种植物的所有部分都散发出强烈的气味。 它的花只在五月到六月可见。大蒜芥菜植物具有宽阔的肾形叶子,小花和含有种子的细长豆荚。 它被归类为入侵物种,在北美,您更有可能经常看到它。

14. Wild Black Cherry 野生黑樱桃

I bet your taste buds are smiling at the thought of this! PrunusSerotina, more commonly referred to as wild black cherry, is an edible plant that is wise to be consumed in a very small proportion.

This is due to the fact that their seeds contain compounds that can be converted into cyanide.

我打赌你的味蕾在想到这个时就会微笑! PrunusSerotina,通常被称为野生黑樱桃,是一种可食用植物,明智的是以很小的比例食用。这是因为它们的种子含有可以转化成氰化物的化合物。

15. Harebell 风信子

This beautiful plant is relatively small in size and can be identified by its slender stems, the white sap discharged by the stems, and its sagging blue flowers. Harebell’s can range from 30cm to 60cm in height. Your best bet would be to eat the leaves of this plant if needs be. This should be nutritious as the Harebell contains vitamin C.

这种美丽的植物大小相对较小,可以通过细长的茎,茎干排出的白色汁液和下垂的蓝色花朵来识别。Harebell的高度范围从30厘米到60厘米不等。 如果需要,最好的办法是吃这种植物的叶子。 这应该是营养的,因为Harebell含有维生素C.

16. Elderberry 接骨木

Found mostly in temperate to subtropical regions of the world, many species are widely cultivated to be used as ornaments.However, the Elderberry’s flower, as well as its fruit, is edible, although, the raw fruit does not yield a favourable taste.The fruit, when ripe, is a purplish-black colour. All other parts of this bush are toxic.

发现主要在世界温带到亚热带地区,许多物种被广泛种植用作装饰品。然而,接骨木花和它的果实是可食用的,但是,原始的果实不会产生有利的味道。 水果,成熟时,是一种紫黑色。 这种灌木的所有其他部分都是有毒的。

17. Field Pennycress 败酱草

An annual plant with round, flat, winged pods with a deep apical notch.They can grow up to 60cm. Sadly, this plant offers little in terms of food as only its leaves can be eaten raw. They must have some tasty leaves then right?Unfortunately, the leaves must be harvested before the plant flowers, and even then they yield a bitter taste!

一年生植物,圆形,扁平,带翅膀的豆荚具有深的顶端切口。它们可长到60厘米。 可悲的是,这种植物在食物方面提供的很少,因为只有它的叶子可以生吃。 它们必须有一些美味的叶子吗?不幸的是,叶子必须在植物开花前收获,即使这样它们也会产生苦味!

18. Coneflower 松果菊

This member of the sunflower family is a heat and drought resistance plant. Tough guy isn’t he? It has purple or pink flowers that display a prickly seed cone in the center.The leaves are of a rough texture. Tough guy after all. If you were to come across this plant in a time of need, bear in mind that the leaves and flower petals are edible.


19. Kudzu 葛, 葛根因为根部含有淀粉,所以传统上一直是东亚的食物成分。

A yellow-green vine with large leaves which are shed annually. The speedy growth rate of these vines leave them with the tendency to be invasive and they are considered noxious weeds. Not a plant I would want growing in my back yard, but definitely one I can depend on in a crisis as it is entirelyedible.


20. Meadowsweet 绣线

Also referred to as “Queen of the Meadow”, “Lady of the Meadow”, or “Bridewort”, this plant is mostly recognized as an herbal medicine.Judging by its nicknames, I would only hope this plant is grown at royal palaces! It is a large clump-forming plant that usually grows relatively tall. The young leaves are edible.


21. Mallow 

One of the earliest plants cited in literature, the Mallow, or scientifically referred to as “Malva”, is a low growing weed with a deep fleshy tap root.The plant is totally edible, its leaves can be used as a substitute for lettuce and are an excellent source of vitamins A and C, calcium and iron.


22. Peppergrass,胡椒草应该是我们说得荠菜。

Are you wondering if you’ll need a soothing beverage close-by to eat this plant? Not unless u were to eat the young seedpods which can be used as a substitute for black pepper.It is easily identified by its raceme which comes from the plant’s branched stem. It also grows between 15 and 60cm long. 
23. Pineapple Weed 菠萝草,超级香甜的一种小草,它的花朵可以当茶饮。OK

Judging by its name, I would definitely have high hopes for this plant’s taste. Pineapple weed’s flowers and leaves are, in fact, appetizing finger foods for hikers.The plant is commonly mistaken for chamomile. It does resemble chamomile with the exception of the flower petals. It grows up to 30cm tall.


24. Pickerelweed (美国沼地产的)一种多年生植物

This plant grows in shallow freshwater including lakes and streams.Although tastier when roasted, Pickerelweed seeds can be eaten raw and will surely help out a famished hiker. Its leaves are glossy green with fine parallel veins.It can be recognized by its violet-blue flowers that bloom during the summertime.


25. Mullein毛蕊花


An attractive plant with a tender, velvet-like physique. It is a tall, erect stem with soft leaves and yellow flowers at the top.They are capable of reaching heights of two meters.Its leaves and flowers are not a bad choice for a snack, although, you would be doing your taste buds more of a favour if they were used to make tea instead. 


26. Red Clover 红三叶

Along with its many medicinal uses, Red Clovers are considered to be the tastiest of all clovers and will surely make a good find. It has a reddish flower head made up of different tubular-shaped flowers. The leaves are edible but the flower is what I would look forward to consuming!


27. Partridgeberry 越桔蔓虎刺

A low trailing shrub with fuzzy white flowers that grow in pairs that form one berry per pair. The flowers of this plant emit a pleasant smell when blooming. The leaves and berries are edible, although they are not very tasty. The stems are typically light green to light brown.

带有模糊白色花朵的低尾灌木,成对生长,每对形成一个浆果。 这种植物的花在开花时散发出令人愉快的气味。 叶子和浆果是可食用的,虽然它们不是很好吃。 茎通常为浅绿色至浅棕色。

28. Sheep Sorrel 羊酢浆草

Commonly found in acidic, sandy soils and grasslands, this plant typically grows in areas where blueberries can be found. Perhaps in an attempt to get the blueberries’ attention? Sheep Sorrel leaves can be eaten raw and have a pleasant lemony or tangy flavour. Be sure to look out for its reddish upright stems.

通常在酸性,沙质土壤和草地中发现,这种植物通常生长在可以找到蓝莓的地区。 也许是为了让蓝莓受到关注? 绵羊栗色叶子可以生吃,具有令人愉快的柠檬味或浓郁的味道。 一定要注意它的红色直立茎。

29. Shepherd’s Purse 牧羊人的钱包

This interestingly-named plant, unlike most flowering plants, flowers almost all year round. It was given its name due to its triangular flat fruits which are purse-like. The leaves of this plant can be eaten raw, which is the healthier option. It is a common weed of cultivated soil in many countries.

与大多数开花植物不同,这种有趣的植物几乎全年开花。 因其三角形的扁平水果而得名,因为它们像钱包一样。 这种植物的叶子可以生吃,这是更健康的选择。 它是许多国家常见的栽培土壤杂草。

30. Sunflower 向日葵

Scientifically referred to as “Helianthus annuss”, I’m sure a Sunflower would be a happy sight for a hungry hiker.They grow an average height of one to two meters tall.Wild Sunflower seeds are very small and can be consumed raw. The wild seeds are much smaller than those used for commercial production. 科学地称为“Helianthus annuss”,

我确信向日葵对于饥饿的徒步旅行者来说是一个幸福的景象。他们平均身高一到两米。野生向日葵种子非常小,可以生吃。 野生种子比用于商业生产的种子小得多。

31. Spring Beauty 春天的美

Along with your significant other in the months of March to May, Claytonia carolinianais also called “Spring Beauty”.It can be identified by its small flowers produced in the spring which have pink petals, or white petals with darker pink veins.The root, leaves and stem of the Spring Beauty can be eaten raw.

在3月至5月期间,与你的另一个重要人物一起,Claytonia carolinianais也被称为“春天美人”。它可以通过春天生产的小花朵来识别,这些花朵有粉红色的花瓣,或者带有深粉红色纹理的白色花瓣。根, 春天美丽的叶子和茎可以生吃。

32. Tea Plant 茶

The source of some of the numerous teas we enjoy, the Tea Plant has a life span of 30 to 50 years. Its flower blossoms are white and fragrant, have both male and female organs, and are pollinated by bees. The leaves and flowers can be eaten raw. A very useful plant indeed.

茶叶植物是我们享用的众多茶叶的来源,其寿命为30至50年。 它的花朵是白色和芬芳的,有雄性和雌性器官,并由蜜蜂授粉。 叶子和花可以生吃。 确实非常有用的植物。

33. Toothwort 石芥花

An unappetizing name, to say the least right? This plant is a member of the mustard family which grows best in moist soils preferably in wooded areas.Its flowers have four petals which are white to pinkish or light purple. The leaves and roots of this plant are totally edible.

一个令人不快的名字,至少说得对吗? 这种植物是芥菜科的成员,在潮湿的土壤中生长最好,最好是在树木繁茂的地区。它的花有四个花瓣,白色到粉红色或浅紫色。 这种植物的叶子和根完全可以食用。

34. Teasel 起毛草

Originally brought to North America from Europe, an average Teasel plant produces over 3000 seeds that birds feed on.It is a self-fertile plant noted for attracting wildlife. The flowers bloom by first forming in a ring around the plant’s head.A Teasel’s young leaves are edible after avoiding its spiny, stout hairs.

最初从欧洲带到北美洲的Teasel工厂平均生产3000多种鸟类饲料。它是一种以吸引野生动物而闻名的自给自足的植物。 花朵首先在植物的头部周围形成一个花朵。一个Teasel的幼叶在避开其多刺的粗壮毛发后可食用。

35. Wild Grape Vine野生葡萄藤

A vining plant with no solid, upright trunk. They grow thicker and higher than most other native vines. A great choice for a trail snack, although, it tastes better after the first frost.Grape vine leaves are green and lobed with long, pointed tips and a smooth surface. Definitely not a bad find for a hiker.

一种没有坚固,直立的树干的葡萄植物。 它们比大多数其他本地葡萄树生长得更厚更高。 虽然它是第一次霜冻后味道更好的一个很好的选择。葡萄藤叶绿色,叶片长而尖的尖端和光滑的表面。 对于徒步旅行者来说绝对不是一个糟糕的发现。

36. Wild Bee Balm 野蜂蜜膏

Identified by its thick lavender flowers, this plant prefers dry and sunny locations to avoid developing mildew. Its fragrant flowers begin to bloom in the centre of the flower head and can be pink in colour depending on its location. The leaves of the Wild Bee Balm are edible and make a safe trail snack for you.

这种植物由厚厚的薰衣草花朵所识别,喜欢干燥和阳光充足的地方,以避免发霉。 它的芬芳的花朵开始在花头的中心开花,根据它的位置可以是粉红色。 Wild Bee Balm的叶子可以食用,为您制作安全的小吃。

37. Vervain Mallow 欧洲锦

This plant prefers sunny or partially shaded areas and mostly grows in thickets and in waste areas. They can grow from 50cm to over 1 metre tall. Their flowerhave five white to pink petals with five green sepals. The flowers, leaves, and seed are edible, although, it is recommended that only the leaves be eaten raw.

这种植物更喜欢阳光或部分阴影区域,大多生长在灌木丛和废弃地区。 它们可以从50厘米长到1米多高。 他们的花有五个白色到粉红色的花瓣,有五个绿色的萼片。 花,叶和种子是可以食用的,但是,建议只生吃叶子。

38. Prickly Pear Cactus仙人球仙人掌

A real life-saver if you’re in a prickly situation! The Prickly Pear Cactus is a palatable as well as nutritious plant that is typically found in the deserts of North America.

Its fruit strongly resembles a red or purplish pear. You must be sure to carefully remove the spines on the outer skin before consuming the plant!

如果你处于棘手的境地,真正的生命保护! 仙人掌仙人掌是一种美味和营养的植物,通常在北美的沙漠中发现。它的果实非常类似于红色或紫色梨。 在食用植物之前,一定要小心地去除外皮上的刺!

39. Herb Robert罗伯特氏老鹳草

Its many medicinal uses include: toothache and nosebleed remedy, and healing wounds. Freshly picked leaves release a strong odour when crushed, and is said to repel mosquitos if you rub it on your skin. The entire plant is edible and fresh leaves can be used in your salad or to make tea.

它的许多药用用途包括:牙痛和流鼻血的治疗方法,以及愈合伤口。 新鲜采摘的叶子在压碎时释放出强烈的气味,据说如果你将它揉在皮肤上,就会击退蚊子。 整个植物都可以食用,新鲜的叶子可以用在沙拉里或泡茶。

40. Mayapple盾叶鬼臼

Woodland plants usually growing in colonies derived from a single root. Their stems grow to 30-40cm tall and they have large, deeply cut leaves. All of their parts are poisonous, including the fruit which is covered by the large leaves.However, once the fruit is ripe, and has turned yellow and soft as opposed to green and firm, you can safely consume it.

林地植物通常生长在来自单根的菌落中。 它们的茎长到30-40厘米高,它们有大而深切的叶子。 它们的所有部分都是有毒的,包括被大叶覆盖的果实。但是,一旦果实成熟,并且变成黄色和柔软而不是绿色和坚硬,你可以安全地食用它。

41. Joe Pye Weed 斑茎泽



This plant can be described as an herb, a wildflower, and a butterfly plant. You can identify it by its beautiful pink, and sometimes purple flowers at the end of the stems.It can be found in moist woods and along streams. The entire plant, including the root, is edible.

这种植物可以被描述为草本植物,野花和蝴蝶植物。 你可以通过其美丽的粉红色,有时紫色的花朵在茎的末端识别它。它可以在潮湿的树林和溪流中找到。 整个植物,包括根,都是可食用的。

42. Knapweed 车菊


The flowers of these plants are diverse in colour, ranging from deep reds, blues and yellows to any mixture of these. The stems are ribbed and may become hairless as they age. You are more likely to find them in pastures, meadows and woodland edges. Please be mindful that only the flowers are edible.

这些植物的花色多种多样,从深红色,蓝色和黄色到这些的任何混合物。 茎是有肋的,随着年龄的增长可能变得无毛。 你更有可能在牧场,草地和林地边缘找到它们。 请注意,只有鲜花可以食用。

43. Wild Leek 野葱


A North American species of wild onion that grow deep in the woods. It is bulb-forming with broad, smooth, light green leaves.Be sure to look out for the deep purple or burgundy tints on the lower stem. You can also identify them by their smell, which is similar to that of an onion.The leaves and bulbs are edible but it is best if you consume them in small quantities.

北美洲一种野生洋葱,生长在树林深处。 它是灯泡形成的宽阔,光滑,浅绿色的叶子。一定要注意下部茎上的深紫色或酒红色。 您也可以通过它们的气味识别它们,这类似于洋葱。叶子和球茎是可食用的,但最好是少量食用。

44. Cleavers 又名活血草,锯锯


An annual plant with small hooked hairs growing out of their leaves and stems. It is also known as “stickyweed”, “sticky willow”, or “sticky jack”.With nicknames like these, you were right to assume that the plant is of a sticky texture, as they are indeed. You can this plant raw, however, its small hooked hairs will make it much less appetizing.

一年生植物,叶子和茎长出小钩毛。 它也被称为“粘性杂草”,“粘柳”或“粘性杰克”。有这样的绰号,你是正确的假设植物具有粘性质地,因为它们确实如此。 你可以将这种植物生长,然而,它的小钩状毛将使它更不开胃。


45. Cattail 香蒲

Easily recognizable by its brown, cigar-shaped head, you can find the cattail in open wet areas as well as swamps and ditches. Most of the cattail is edible. You can eat the young stems raw, along with the rootstock of the plant after the mud is washed off. The leaves are better off boiled.

棕色雪茄形头部可轻松识别,您可以在开阔的潮湿区域以及沼泽和沟渠中找到香蒲。 大部分香蒲都是可以食用的。 在泥浆被洗掉之后,你可以吃掉生的幼茎和植物的砧木。 叶子最好煮沸。

46. Blue Vervain蓝马鞭草


You should refrain from this plant if you are on blood pressure medication or involved with hormonal therapy. It is mostly found in moist conditions with full to partial sun. Places it is commonly found include: moist meadows, riversides and pastures. You can eat its leaves and flowers raw but the seeds must be roasted.

如果您正在服用降压药或参与激素治疗,您应该避免使用这种植物。 它主要存在于潮湿的条件下,有充分的阳光。 常见的地方包括:潮湿的草地,河边和牧场。 你可以吃它的叶子和花,但种子必须烤。

47. Common Yarrow


A flowering plant that is considered by many to be an aggressive weed.You can easily identify them by their small, enduring white flowers that persist throughout the summer.You are more likely to spot this plant along roadsides and in fields. The leaves can be eaten raw, although, they are bitter in taste.

许多被认为是侵略性杂草的开花植物。你可以通过它们在整个夏天持续存在的小而持久的白色花朵来轻松识别它们。你更有可能在路边和田野中发现这种植物。 叶子可以生吃,但味道很苦。

48. Common Sow Thistle 见的母猪蓟


A plant of the dandelion tribe within the daisy family. These plants have hollow stems, a short taproot and deeply lobed leaves.The flowers are yellow and the seeds are light with white silky hairs.The leaves can be eaten raw and will prove to be good for your body as they contain vitamin C, protein and carbohydrates.

蒲公英部落的植物在雏菊家庭内的。 这些植物有空心的茎,短的主根和深裂的叶子。花是黄色的,种子很轻,有白色的丝状毛。叶子可以生吃,证明对你的身体有益,因为它们含有维生素C,蛋白质 和碳水化合物。

49. Coltsfoot 款冬, 別名冬花、蜂斗菜或款冬蒲公英


Another member of the daisy family, this plant has bright yellow flowers that bloom early in the spring before any leaves are even present.Being sceptical of eating anything with the word “foot” in the title, I would probably hesitate before consuming this plant. However, its flowers can be eaten raw as well as its leaves in small quantities.

作为雏菊家族的另一个成员,这种植物有明亮的黄色花朵,在春天的早期叶子甚至存在之前就会开花。对于在标题中吃“脚”这个词的任何东西持怀疑态度,我可能会在食用这种植物之前犹豫不决。 然而,它的花可以生吃,也可以少量生吃。

50. Fern Leaf Yarrow 蕨叶亚罗



Fern Leaf Yarrow grows as a single, stout stem. It has fern-like leaves that are typically 5 to 20cm long. You’re in luck if you find this plant while in need of a snack because its aerial parts are safe to eat.Although bitter in taste, the leaves of this plant can be eaten raw, but best to do so in small quantities despite its nutritional value.

蕨叶Yarrow生长为单一,粗壮的茎。 它有蕨类叶子,通常长5到20厘米。 如果你发现这种植物需要点心的话,你很幸运,因为它的地上部分是安全的。虽然味道很苦,但这种植物的叶子可以生吃,但最好尽量少量食用。 营养价值。

51. Henbit 宝盖草


You can identify this plant by its soft, finely hairy stems.The leaves have a lobed margin and the flowers are pink to purple in colour. Its name is derived from the observation that chickens are fond of it.It is more likely to grow in light, dry soil as well as cultivated soil. Henbit is very nutritious as it is high in vitamins, iron and fibre.

您可以通过柔软,细毛的茎来识别这种植物。叶子有裂片边缘,花朵呈粉红色到紫色。 它的名字源于鸡喜欢它的观察结果。它更容易在轻,干燥的土壤和耕种的土壤中生长。 Henbit非常有营养,因为它含有丰富的维生素,铁和纤维。

52. Crimson Clover 红色三叶草


A species of the clover family, the Crimson Clover has leaves and stems that resemble those of the Red Clover.It grows in fields, meadows and lawns and can reach heights between 30 and 50cm. Which parts of this plant can you eat? The seeds and flowers are edible and can be eaten raw.

作为三叶草科的一种,Crimson Clover的叶子和茎类似于红三叶草。它生长在田野,草地和草坪上,可以达到30到50厘米之间的高度。 这种植物的哪些部分可以吃? 种子和花是可食用的,可以生吃。

53. Evening Primrose 见草


The Evening Primrose is an herbaceous forb that flowers only late in the day and into the evening, hence its name.It can grow between 30 and 150cm tall and has a bright yellow flower with a mild lemony aroma.Should you ever have to eat one, remember that the young shoots can be eaten raw as well as the slightly sweet-tasting flowers.

月见草是一种草本植物,仅在白天和晚上开花,因此得名。它可以长到30到150厘米高,有一朵鲜黄色的花,带有温和的柠檬香味。你应该吃一个吗? 记住,嫩芽可以生吃,也可以是略带甜味的花。

54. Downy Yellow Violet 软的黄色紫罗兰

Divisible into two varieties, the Downy Yellow Violet is a soft and hairy violet that can grow up to 9-12 inches tall.The bright yellow flowers and hairy appearance of this plant make it unique and easy to identify.Although it is not particularly nutritious, it is safe for you to eat the flowers and leaves of this plant.

Downy Yellow Violet分为两个品种,柔软而多毛的紫罗兰,可长到9-12英寸高。这种植物的鲜黄色花朵和毛茸茸的外观使其独特且易于识别。虽然它不是特别有营养 ,你可以安全地吃这种植物的花和叶子。

55. Daisy Fleabane飞蓬()


Another plant with a hairy nature; the Daisy Fleabane is an attractive plant with composite flowers. It has hairy leaves and stems and is best grown in areas exposed to full sun.Only the leaves of this plant are edible, although, you might frown while eating them as its hairy nature might result in an unpleasant taste.

另一种具有毛茸茸性质的植物; Daisy Fleabane是一种极具吸引力的复合花卉植物。它有多毛的叶子和茎,最好在暴露在阳光充足的地方种植。只有这种植物的叶子可以食用,但是,你可能会在吃它们时皱眉,因为它的毛茸茸的性质可能会导致令人不快的味道。

56. Japanese Knotweed 日本虎杖


A large plant that has been classified as an invasive species by many countries, the Japanese Knotweed has hollow stems and broad oval leaves.They have a rapid growth rate with stems reaching a maximum height of 9.8-13ft each growing season.It is best to eat the young shoots of this plant-which some say has a lemony flavour.

日本Knotweed是一种被许多国家归类为入侵物种的大型植物,具有空心茎和宽椭圆形叶。它们具有快速生长速率,茎在每个生长季达到最大高度9.8-13ft。最好是 吃这种植物的嫩枝 - 有人说它具有柠檬味。

57. Milk Thistle 牛奶


You can identify this thistle by its red to purple flowers and shiny pale green leaves with white veins.Apart from being a source of food, this plant has medicinal uses such as: increasing appetite, digestion aid, liver cleansing and poisoning treatment.The root, leaves and stems can all be consumed raw.

你可以通过它的红色到紫色的花朵和带有白色静脉的闪亮的浅绿色叶子来识别这种蓟。除了作为食物来源之外,这种植物还具有药用作用,例如:增加食欲,消化助剂,肝脏清洁和中毒治疗。 ,叶子和茎都可以生吃。

58. Lambs Quarters (羔羊宿舍) (Chenopodium album) (一种一年生草本植物)


This is a dusty looking plant from a distance due to a white coating on its leaves.It is common near rivers, streams, and in gardens with an average height of 1 metre.Bear in mind that the leaves, shoots, seeds and flowers of this plant are all edible. However, due to potentially toxic components, it would be best if you consumed these in small quantities, especially if consuming them raw.

这是一种看上去尘土飞扬的植物,由于叶子上有白色涂层。它常见于河流,溪流和花园中,平均高度为1米。记住叶子,枝条,种子和花朵的叶子。 这种植物都可食用。 但是,由于有潜在的有毒成分,最好是少量食用,特别是如果食用它们。

59. Queen Anne’s Lace (安妮女王的蕾丝) 峨參



Interesting name for a flower right? The legend tells of Queen Anne pricking her finger and a drop of blood falling on a lace that she was sewing.Similarly, this plant’s flower resembles a lace, and the single purple dot that is often seen in the middle of the flower resembles the drop of blood!The leaves and roots are edible but it is advised to use first-year plants. Do not confuse this with Poison hemlock aka. Conium maculatum though!

花的有趣名字对吧? 这个传说告诉安妮女王刺她的手指和一滴血落在她正在缝制的花边上。同样,这种植物的花似花边,在花的中间经常看到的单个紫色点类似于下落 血液!叶子和根可食用,但建议使用第一年的植物。 不要把它与Poison hemlock aka混淆。 虽然Conium maculatum!

60. Purple Deadnettle紫花野芝


Scientifically called “Lamium purpureum”, it translates into English as “the devouring purple monster.” Scary!The plant, in fact, has many medicinal purposes including the use of its leaves for treatment of external wounds or cuts.

It has pink flowers that only last about six weeks after they bloom. Only the leaves of this plant are edible.

它被科学地称为“Lamium purpureum”,它被翻译成英语为“吞食紫色怪物”。可怕!该植物实际上有许多药用目的,包括使用其叶子来治疗外部伤口或伤口。它有粉红色的花朵,开花后仅持续约六周。 只有这种植物的叶子可以食用。

61. New England Aster 新英格兰紫苑

Although considered an aggressive weed by some, the New England Aster is praised by others for its extravagant flowers.The flowers are large and rose-purple in colour with many rays. You can find these beauties in open areas, swamps and fields.The root, flowers and leaves are edible and are said to provide health benefits.

虽然被一些人认为是一种侵略性的杂草,但新英格兰的Aster因其奢侈的花朵而受到其他人的称赞。这些花朵很大,呈玫瑰紫色,有许多光线。 您可以在开阔地带,沼泽地和田野中找到这些美女。根,花和叶都可食用,据说可以提供健康益处。

62. Supplejack Vine 软韧的藤


A vine found only in New Zealand, Australia and New Guinea, Supplejack Vine produces leafy stems that bear flower and fruits once it reaches sunlight.It can grow extremely long and is likely to grow towards the sunlight through the forest.The berries it produces, once ripe, can be eaten either raw or cooked as well as its young shoots and leaves. Not at all a bad find for a wandering hiker!

只有在新西兰,澳大利亚和新几内亚才能找到的葡萄树,Supplejack Vine产生的叶子一旦到达阳光就会生出带有花和果实的叶子。它可以长得很长,很可能会通过森林向阳光生长。它产生的浆果, 一旦成熟,可以生吃或煮熟,也可以吃嫩芽和嫩叶。 对于一个流浪的徒步旅行者来说一点也不差!


After taking a look at all these edible wild plants, I can only hope you feel comforted about the possibility of having to rely solely on mother nature for food. Personally, it’s astounding how much the Earth really provides for its inhabitants, and we ought to be more appreciative of, and grateful towards this sentiment. I mean, we aremammals after all, right?

在看了所有这些可食用的野生植物之后,我只能希望你对仅仅依靠大自然作为食物的可能性感到安慰。 就个人而言,令人惊讶的是地球为居民提供了多少,我们应该更加欣赏和感激这种情绪。 我的意思是,我们毕竟是mamammals,对吧?

What makes it acceptable for other mammals to follow their instinct by making use of this food, but an unappealing thought for us to do the same sometimes? It is more or less likely due to the fact that we are unsure whether it is safe to do so or not.

是什么让其他哺乳动物通过利用这种食物来接受他们的本能是可以接受的,但对于我们来说,有时这样做是一种没有吸引力的想法呢? 这或多或少可能是因为我们不确定这样做是否安全。

If you are interested in wild plants from other places. You can check out other resources as well; such as those from Maltese Islands.The objective of this article was to provide you with sufficient details to resolve some of your uncertainties! Once again, do not consume if you are not absolutely certain of what you are eating! 

如果您对其他地方的野生植物感兴趣。 您也可以查看其他资源; 例如来自马耳他群岛的那些。本文的目的是为您提供足够的细节来解决您的一些不确定因素! 再一次,如果你不确定你吃的是什么,不要消费!



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