A letter to Money

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Dear Money,

You are my significant one. I trust you more than anybody on the planet. You are my loyal friend. Whennever I'm with you, I feel secure and confident. 

Most of time, you can help me solve my problems and bring me my heart desires. The only problem you are always in circulation and I will lose my oxytosin in the mintues I hold you too tight.

I usually give you freedom and let you travel around. When you come back to my biweekly, I send you away quickly to pay credit card, mortgage, insurance, tuition fee and variety of goodies. We get along pretty well in those years. I maximize your service in vacations, family care, and personal development. 

Now I'm getting the middle point of life and I suddendly have a serious problem with you. I find that I have to earn you not to own you. I use my precious time, which in essence is my life, to earn you. Then I use you to exchange things that are not in alignment with my ideals.

I decide it is time to write you a thank you letter for your good services in those years. I also choose to ask you my personal questions -how can I own you at my discretion not at the mercy of my employment?

I just read a book today and the author suggested that I have to love you in order to attract you. But the Bible says:" love of money is the root of all evil". So I wonder whether you can love me unconditionally and I can hire you as my personal assistant and never fire you or lay you off. Since you yourself are money, the rewards for your service would be honor, praise, gratitude and life-time friendship.

We probably can become the best friend since both of us love freedom, beauty and power. You are useless if you cannot bring the beauty to the delight of eyes, the peace to the yearn of hearts, the power to the creation of minds. I'm lifeless if I cannot live this life in my own terms, to surround myself with beautiful house, car, decorations, natural scenes, gardens, fashions, arts, and souls, to defend my freedom and my taste of beauty from peer pressures, social norms, vain glories.

I promise to give you complete freedom- you can come and go as air, as wind, as light. I can also promise to give you dignity - I will only use you to pursue beauty, freedom, and power to protect and defend beauty and freedom. Finally I promise to give you respect - you can come to me in any way you like and express yourself freely in varity of beauty and freedom and power. I will give you full credit for every moment of happiness and contentment, peace and joy, love and kindness.

I promise I will share with my fellow human beings freely for your goodness and educate them how to get along with you. 

I suggest that we form a general partnership, you are the general partner to take unlimited liability since you have the ability to take the responsibilty. I will be your limited partner. You are always alive but I'm only in this business with you for this lifetime. We will invest in beauty, freedom and power. We will create our legendary and leave our marks. Together we will bring heaven upon earth.

My expectations from you are simply and straight forward but non-negotiable:

1. 24/7 available to me: whennever I need you, you come to me without delay with your full capacity and chrisma to grant my wishes for beauty, freedom and power.

2. Absolute faithfulness without any strings attached: you must forshake any kind of control over me. I must be free to use you at my conscious level. You can suggest me to read good books, call on infinite intelligence, and engage in life-time study so I can maximize your services and decree our victories and glories one upon another. But you cannot have any intention to be my master. You know you are the worst master in the world. If you control me, you will ruin our business and destroy the beauty.

3. Love me with your whole heart, whole strength and whole mind: it is so easy to take you for granted or get addicted to your face value. You need to vow to me that you will try your best to be creative and vigilent to bring joy and enlightment to me on daily basis, to assist my soul evolution, to bring the best out of each other along this life journey.

I need your comfort in the time of distress. Come to rescue me quickly. I open my arms, my hands, my heart and my mind to welcome you. 

The partnership agreement is ready for your signiture to breath life into it. Come, my friend. Together we will bring heaven upon earth. Together we will demonstrate to the world the true image of God and the radiate glory of God.

I'm waiting for you to enter the eternity of everlasting joy.




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