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On China GDP, again

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On China GDP, again

My view on China GDP is that it has been much undercountered for a long time. This is based on the products or goods produced or made in China as well as China annual electricity production (AEP). A reserve estimated China 2018 GDP per capita was ~US$30000. That was about half of the US counterpart. Intriguingly, China AEP per capita last year was 5300 kwh, also little short of the half of the US figure (11000 kwh).  

China population is ~1.4 billion, and thus China 2018 GDP was about US$42 trillion much higher than the officially announced figure $14 trillion (nominal rate) and also higher the World Bank's estimation $23 trillion (ppp).

What is the implication of this?

China may not be a developing country.

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