赚足够的钱买经济舱去看世界; 过一种简单有意义的生活;与友分享旅行,美食,品味/位人生,丽人万里行!
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博文最后边有秘鲁和MANU 亚马逊雨林的全部详细的彩色行程表(Highlights: Lima, Arequipa, Colca Canyon, Cusco, Sacred Valley, Pisac Ruins & Market, Machupichu, Cloud Forest, Manu Amazon, Macaw Licks)



秘鲁深度17日游001 – 利马,另类的休闲玩法 (亚马逊原始森林/热带雨林藏地之旅, 含1500多张照片和行程安排

秘鲁深度17日游002 – 利马鲜为人知的艺术古董博物馆 (亚马逊原始森林/热带雨林藏地之旅,含1500多张照片和行程安排)

秘鲁深度17日游003 – 科尔卡峡谷上空翱翔的南美秃鹫 (亚马逊原始森林/热带雨林藏地之旅,含1500多张照片和行程安排)

秘鲁深度17日游004 – 阿雷基帕迷宫一样的城中城和安第斯高原冰少女胡安妮塔(亚马逊原始森林/热带雨林藏地之旅,含1500多张照片和行程安排)

秘鲁深度17日游005 – 印加老城库斯科 (亚马逊原始森林/热带雨林藏地之旅,含1500多张照片和行程安排)

秘鲁深度17日游006 – 印加神圣谷与印加废墟皮萨克(PISAC), 夜车去AC (亚马逊原始森林/热带雨林藏地之旅,含1500多张照片和行程安排)

秘鲁深度17日游007 – 马丘比丘- 沉睡了四百年的天空之城 (亚马逊原始森林/热带雨林藏地之旅,含1500多张照片和行程安排)

秘鲁深度17日游008 – 从库斯科向Manu生物圈的最高点进发,穿越云雾森林 (亚马逊原始森林/热带雨林藏地之旅,含1500多张照片和行程安排)

秘鲁深度17日游009A – 水陆双行“跋涉” 到达亚马逊热带雨林盆地-博卡马努(Boca Manu)边缘(亚马逊原始森林/热带雨林藏地之旅,含1500多张照片和行程安排)

秘鲁深度17日游009B – 水陆双行“跋涉” 到达亚马逊热带雨林盆地-博卡马努(Boca Manu)边缘(亚马逊原始森林/热带雨林藏地之旅,含1500多张照片和行程安排)

秘鲁深度17日游010 – 又3小时船程进入马努(Boca Manu)腹地, 遭遇美洲豹,原始森林和湖泊的美是超出你想象的(亚马逊原始森林/热带雨林藏地之旅,含1500多张照片和行程安排)

秘鲁深度17日游011- 马努(Boca Manu) 原始森林徒步HIKING(亚马逊原始森林/热带雨林藏地之旅,含1500多张照片和行程安排)

秘鲁深度17日游012A – 从萨尔瓦多湖坐机动小船到坦博布兰基洛小木屋(亚马逊原始森林/热带雨林藏地之旅,含1500多张照片和行程安排)

秘鲁深度17日游012B – 几十米森林巨树华盖观看萨尔瓦多湖日落月出(亚马逊原始森林/热带雨林藏地之旅,含1500多张照片和行程安排)

秘鲁深度17日游013 – 观看金刚鹦鹉吃石灰岩的壮观场面,牛津湖的绚丽晚霞 (亚马逊原始森林/热带雨林藏地之旅,含1500多张照片和行程安排)

秘鲁深度17日游014 – 出MANU保护区,经采矿村博卡科罗拉多州-看奥桑加特山的迷人景色-夜返库斯科城 (亚马逊原始森林/热带雨林藏地之旅,含1500多张照片和行程安排)

秘鲁深度17日游015A – 访问利马的英国老太太探宝 ,在利马一家最好的餐馆给女儿过16岁生日!(亚马逊原始森林/热带雨林藏地之旅,含1500多张照片和行程安排)

秘鲁深度17日游015B – 访问利马的英国老太太探宝 ,在利马一家最好的餐馆给女儿过16岁生日!(亚马逊原始森林/热带雨林藏地之旅,含1500多张照片和行程安排)

秘鲁深度17日游016 – 利马睡觉休闲爱情公园,晚班飞机飞回家园!我在秘鲁买的垃圾宝贝及我们的秘鲁行程安排表 (亚马逊原始森林/热带雨林藏地之旅,含1500多张照片和行程安排)


Planning your trip by yourself can be an overwhelming "task", but I'm telling you it will become a fun thing for you if you just like me who loves travel planning by myself.

If you don't have time to do your own research, you can refer to my Italy travel plan "cheat sheet" and customize it the way you want your travel to be.

In today the Internet is so developed and you can find any information you want including the travel information of course to fulfill  your own travel dream not others.

It seems like many "professional" travelers all know EXACTLY what they’re doing. Like, what’s the secret? Where do I go? How do I find cheap flights? Do I stay at hotels or hostels? What do I do while I’m there? How long should I stay in each place? Do I need to buy travel insurance for every travel? How do I buy tickets in advance to avoid long waiting line in popular sites/attractions? And how do I plan the connections (by car, train, flight) from one place to another?

If you have interests I will write articles to share with you how I plan my travel like a "pro" and which websites I use to book travel everything and which websites to look for cheap flights and hotels.

You can also check with each of my travel posts at 我穷游/My Travel Section often and I will try to post my travel spreadsheet (colorful original ones) for your reference as well when I get a chance.


Here is how to use my website to check my travels planned by myself. (From the home page top menu bar, you can hover My Travel - 我穷游, and choose the travel you like to view)




**Since the travel plan is for my own use and it's a travel in the past, some typos, errors, inaccuracy can not be avoided.  I just want to give you a travel plan/itinerary example of mine for your reference to plan your very own travels/trips.  Enjoy!!!




Have a nice day!  Niubee


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