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我的意大利两周14天行程计划表博文链接- How do I plan my Italy Travel (Venice, Dolomites, Florence, Tuscany, Rome, Vatican) - A comprehensive 14 day 2 weeks Italy travel plan example sheet




我的十四天意大利深度游(1) (行程,上千张精 美照片, 必看的景点介绍攻略)-My Italy Travel 001-Venice-St. Mark’s Square-St. Mark’s Bailica-CampanileRialto Bridge


我的十四天意大利深度游(2) (行程,上千张精 美照片, 必看的景点介绍攻略)-My Italy Travel 002- Venice – Grand Canal-St Marco


我的十四天意大利深度游(3) (行程,上千张精 美照片, 必看的景点介绍攻略)-My Italy Travel 003-Venice-Dolomites Area-Back Venice-Murano-Burano


我的十四天意大利深度游(4) (行程,上千张精 美照片, 必看的景点介绍攻略)-My Italy Travel 004-Florence-San Gimignano-Duomo Night View


我的十四天意大利深度游(5) (行程,上千张精 美照片, 必看的景点介绍攻略) – My Italy Travel 005-Florence-Medici Chapels-Brancacci-Chapel-Duomo-Duomo Museum-Church of Santa Maria Novella


我的十四天意大利深度游(6) (行程,上千张精 美照片, 必看的景点介绍攻略) – My Italy Travel 006-Florence-Uffizi Gallery-Bargello-Santa Croce Church-Michelangelo Sqare-Accademia-Pitti Palace


我的十四天意大利深度游(7) (行程,上千张精 美照片, 必看的景点介绍攻略) – My Italy Travel 007-Siena-Duomo Cathedral-Museum


我的十四天意大利深度游(8) (行程,上千张精 美照片, 必看的景点介绍攻略) -My Italy Travel 008-Siena-Pisa-Cinque Terre


我的十四天意大利深度游(9) (行程,上千张精 美照片, 必看的景点介绍攻略) -My Italy Travel 009 – Colosseum, Roman Forum, Capitol Hill, Palatine Hill Vatican Museum in Rome


我的十四天意大利深度游(10) (行程,上千张精 美照片, 必看的景点介绍攻略) -My Italy Travel 010-Vatican Museum at Night



Planning your trip by yourself can be an overwhelming "task", but I'm telling you it will become a fun thing for you if you just like me who loves travel planning by myself.

If you don't have time to do your own research, you can refer to my Italy travel plan "cheat sheet" and customize it the way you want your travel to be.

In today the Internet is so developed and you can find any information you want including the travel information of course to fulfill  your own travel dream not others.

It seems like many "professional" travelers all know EXACTLY what they’re doing. Like, what’s the secret? Where do I go? How do I find cheap flights? Do I stay at hotels or hostels? What do I do while I’m there? How long should I stay in each place? Do I need to buy travel insurance for every travel? How do I buy tickets in advance to avoid long waiting line in popular sites/attractions? And how do I plan the connections (by car, train, flight) from one place to another?

If you have interests I will write articles to share with you how I plan my travel like a "pro" and which websites I use to book travel everything and which websites to look for cheap flights and hotels.

You can also check with each of my travel posts at 我穷游/My Travel Section often and I will try to post my travel spreadsheet (colorful original ones) for your reference as well when I get a chance.


Here is how to use my website to check my travels planned by myself. (From the home page top menu bar, you can hover My Travel - 我穷游, and choose the travel you like to view)




**Since the travel plan is for my own use and it's a travel in the past, some typos, errors, inaccuracy can not be avoided.  I just want to give you a travel plan/itinerary example of mine for your reference to plan your very own travels/trips.  Enjoy!!!































Have a nice day!! Niubee


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