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我的十四天意大利深度游(3) (行程,上千张精 美照片, 必看的景点介绍攻略)-My Italy Travel 003-Veni

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我的十四天意大利深度游(3) (行程,上千张精 美照片, 必看的景点介绍攻略)-My Italy Travel 003-Venice-Dolomites Area-Back Venice-Murano-Burano

Day 4 (5/22/10 Sat) Venice
Venice to Dolomites Day trip 9am ~ 5:30pm Oneway Drive about 3 Hours And Sleep in Venice(3)

> Take No. 2 Circular Line From San Zaccaria to
Tronchetto And Meet Our Driver At Parking Lot
(Took The 7:30Am Boat And Got there 7:50Am.)

> Cortina, Lake Misurina, Pieve di Cadore,Tre Cime
di Lavaredo (birthplace of Titian)

> Got Back From Dolomites Area To Santa Lucia
station And Got Tickets To Florence For Next Day.

> Visited Murano (It Has Glass Factories/museum)
(No. 42 Boat)

> Visited Burano (It Has Lace Museum And Colorful
Houses (From Murano Took Boat To Burano)

> Back To San Zaccaria At 9:30Pm, Watched Football
Game (AC Milan vs Germany) At Night.



































































































































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