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我的十四天意大利深度游(1) (行程,上千张精 美照片, 必看的景点介绍攻略)-My Italy Travel 001-Veni

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我的十四天意大利深度游(1) (行程,上千张精 美照片, 必看的景点介绍攻略)-My Italy Travel 001-Venice-St. Mark’s Square-St. Mark’s Bailica-CampanileRialto Bridge


Venice (Venezia)

Day 1
(5/19/10 Wen. ) On The Plane
EWR ~ PHL (3:00pm~3:50pm but 2 hours
late); US Airways 4527 PHL ~ VCE (6:25pm
~ 9:10am + 1day) US Airway 714 Term:A

Day 2
(5/20/10 Thur.) Venice
EWR USA -- VCE Italy
Arrive At VCE at 9:30am And Sleep in Venice(1)

> Took Water Bus (Veporetto) From Airport Marco
Polo (Aeroporto di Venezia Marco Polo) To Asonale
Stop Near Our Hotel. Checked In Hotel
la Residenza Which Is 3 Minutes Walk
To St. Mark’s Square. Our Room Is 222.

> Walked Around St. Mark’s Square
(Piazza San. Marco) -- Venice’s
Grand Main Square.

> Visited St. Mark’s Bailica
(Basilica di San Marco) --
Cathedral With Mosaics,
Saint’s Bones, Treasury etc.

> Campanile (Campanile di San
Marco) -- Bell Tower On St. Mark’s
Square With Elevator To Top (We didn’t
Go To Top For Saving Some Euros)

> Had an Expensive Dinner Near St. Mark’s Square.
Then Took Walk Till Rialto Bridge -- Symbol of Venice.



























































































































Have a nice weekend! Niubee

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