average down for medium return, by skills/intuition

lot of trades

(2016-06-16 13:09:52) 下一个

sold 1k Macy at 32.75

bought 300 ptr 66.66

sold 300 jpm, bought 1500 BAC 13.16

bought goog 708

DT on BABA, YINN, TWTR for a profit of 1.5k total

sold DGAZ 9.75

market started very weak, but didn't stay there for long. I bought some earlier and gradually sold to the strength. A little surprised by the strength.

took 20k money off the table.

tomorrow, hoping TWTR to show real weakness so I can buy and hold. Need oil to go up, it will be, just don't know when.



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stockage0 回复 悄悄话 after hours, sold BAC, bought 1k UCO, betting Oil oversold.
tomorrow could buy more if I can sell other holdings.