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狼读:This I believe by Yo-Yo Ma

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I believe in the infinite variety of human expression. I grew up in three cultures. I was born in Paris, my parents were from China and I was brought up mostly in America. When I was young, this was very confusing. Everyone said that their culture was best. But I knew they couldn't all be right. I felt that there was an expectation that I would choose to be Chinese or French or American. For many years, I bounced among the three trying on each, but never being wholly comfortable. I hoped that I wouldn't have to choose, but I didn't know what that meant and how exactly to not choose.

However, the process of trying on each culture taught me something. As I struggled to belong, I came to understand what made each one unique. At that point, I realized that I didn't need to choose one culture to the exclusion of another, but instead, I could choose from all three.
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