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Zorro (1975 film)
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Zorro is a 1975 Italian film based on the character created by Johnston McCulley. Directed by Duccio Tessari, it stars famous French actor Alain Delon as Zorro. The film is the only Zorro film to take place in South America, rather than the traditional California or Mexico. Made in Italy, the film has many spaghetti western elements to it.[




Diego de la Vega (Alain Delon) is about to return to Spain from the New World when he chances to meet his old friend, Miguel de la Serna. Miguel has just been appointed the new governor of Nuova Aragon after the death of his uncle, Don Fernando. Diego tries to warn Miguel that Nuova Aragon has been ruled by greed and hatred for many generations and that Miguel's uncle (who supposedly died of malaria) was probably murdered, but Miguel, who is consumed by pacifistic humanitarian ideals, will not listen. Later that same evening, Miguel is attacked by several men while walking outside the inn. Diego arrives and, with stunning swordplay, defeats the men and forces one of them to talk. The man says that Colonel Huerta (Stanley Baker) sent them to kill Miguel. Dying, Miguel agrees to let Diego go in his place, but makes him swear that "the new Governor will never kill." Diego reluctantly agrees.


迭戈德拉维加(阿兰德龙饰)即将从新大陆返回西班牙时,拜访了他的老朋友,米格尔德拉塞尔纳。米格尔刚刚被任命为新阿拉贡的新总督,继任他刚刚去世的叔叔。迭戈警告米格尔说,新阿拉贡多年来一直是一个人欲横流血腥仇杀的地方,米格尔的叔叔(据称死于疟疾)可能是被谋杀的。但热衷于和平人道主义的米格尔,并不以为然。当天晚上,米格尔在旅店外面遭受数名男子袭击。迭戈赶来后,以惊人的剑术击败了那些袭击者并令其中一人开口。该名男子说,韦尔塔上校(史丹理贝克饰)派他们来刺杀米格尔。临终前,米格尔同意让迭戈取代他的位置,但要他发誓,“新总督决不动杀机。” 迭戈勉强同意。

Months later in Nuova Aragon, Colonel Huerta asks the council for complete control of the army and government. Just then, Diego (in disguise as de la Serna) arrives and announces that he is the new governor. He then meets Miguel's aunt, Carmen (Adriana Asti), who is little inclined to have any kind of familial relationship with her "nephew". He also meets Kapitan Fritz von Markel (Giacomo Rossi-Stuart), the head of the Governor's personal guard, and narrowly escapes an assassination attempt via a bowl of poisoned sweets (the former Governor's dog Assassin knocks the bowl over and some birds die after eating the candy).


Diego and Joaquin (Miguel's mute servant, replacing Bernardo) watch Huerta force his men through a grueling fencing practice; afterwards, Huerta slices through candles without disturbing them, showing off his skill. In response to the Governor's request for "personal safety", he appoints Sergeant Garcia (Moustache), an overweight soldier with more than a bit of an appetite, as the Governor's bodyguard. Later, in Diego's room, the dog Assassin shows Diego and Joaquin a secret passageway behind a bookshelf. In disguise, Diego and Joaquin roam the streets of Nuova Aragon, seeing how much the people have been cowed.

迭戈和华金(取代伯纳的米格尔的哑巴仆人)看到韦尔塔迫使他的人进行残酷的击剑练习。事后,为了炫耀他的技巧,韦尔塔用剑砍断了一排蜡烛,而那些砍过的蜡烛好象原封不动丝的。 回应总督提出的保证“人身安全”的要求,他任命警长加西亚为总督的保镖。加西亚是一个胃口大得惊人的大胖子士兵。后来,在迭戈的房间,狗刺客给圣地亚哥和华金显示了书架后面的秘密通道。乔装下,圣迭戈和华金漫游新阿拉贡街头,体察民情。
Two incidents attract Diego's attention: a group of boys causing mischief to corrupt merchants leaving behind a chalked "Z", and a monk named Brother Francisco trying to rouse the people against Huerta's cruelty. After the monk is helped to evade capture by the soldiers by friendly townspeople, Diego and Joaquin question one of the boys, Chico. Although unwilling to talk at first, Chico is convinced to trust Diego and tells him about the legend of Zorro: "the spirit of the black fox. He's a great fighter and he always wins, he can never die." Bringing Brother Francisco's cart back to him, Diego, Joaquin and Chico witness Brother Francisco being arrested by the soldiers.

有两起事件引起迭戈的关注:其一是一群男孩在对腐败的商人搞了恶作剧后留下一个用粉笔书写的“Z”字; 其二是取名为弗朗西斯科的修道士试图号召人们反抗韦尔塔的残暴。士兵前来捕捉修道士。后者在友好的镇民的帮助下逃脱了。迭戈和华金询问一叫奇科的男孩。虽然奇科起初并不愿说实话,但在迭戈取得了他的信任后,讲述了有关佐罗的传奇:“黑狐仙,一个伟大的战士,他总是赢的,他永远不会死。” 迭戈,华金和奇科把修道士的马车给送回去时,看到修道士正遭士兵们逮捕。

The next day, Brother Francisco has been unjustly sentenced to 20 lashes for fraud in selling rotten hides and slander against the merchant who has framed him. After a few lashes, Diego appears as Zorro, releases Brother Francisco and forces the soldiers to give "the corrupt judge, the lying witness, and the murdering executioner" three times the number of lashes Brother Francisco was sentenced to.


Diego, once again as Serna, comments on a portrait of Hortensia Pulido (Ottavia Piccolo) and is attracted to her. He is informed by Aunt Carmen that her family was once wealthy but now poor, a fact confirmed by Huerta who claims that the Pulidos were conspiring against the people of Nuova Aragon. Later in the town marketplace, Hortensia urges the people to rise up against the soldiers, saying that the scales the merchants use are rigged. Garcia shows up, ordering her to stop causing trouble and begins ridiculing Zorro. Suddenly Zorro appears and orders Garcia at sword-point to get on the scale, which shows that Garcia supposedly weighs "only 50 pounds." After Zorro toys with the clumsy Garcia at swords for some time, soldiers appear, but since Chico and some other boys have dumped their rifles down a well, they are forced to go after Zorro with swords. Naturally, following an athletic chase through the marketplace Zorro escapes, and Hortensia looks on with admiration.

迭戈再次以塞尔纳的身份出现。他对霍滕西亚普利(Ottavia Piccolo)的画象进行评论并为她吸引着。婶子卡门告知他,普利的家族曾富裕一时但现在的家业已给败个精光了。韦尔塔对此给予证实并声称普利家族密谋造反。后来在镇市场上,霍滕西亚呼吁人民起来反抗士兵,指责商人们对磅称做了手角。加西亚赶来,命令她停止制造麻烦,并开始嘲笑佐罗。佐罗突然出现,用剑指着加西亚,令其到磅称上。磅称上显示加西亚“只有50磅。” 佐罗用剑把笨拙把加西亚玩耍了一把。士兵们前来增援,但由于他们的步枪被奇科和其他一些男孩丢进井里,只好用剑来追佐罗。当然,佐罗轻捷地穿过市场并把士兵们甩掉。霍滕西亚在一边投去了钦佩的目光。
Aunt Carmen has decided to return to Spain (taking a fortune in jewels with her), escorted by Kapitan von Markel. Zorro and Joaquin, knowing that Huerta will certainly have his men rob the party in the guise of bandits, secretly follow. When the party makes camp for the night, the "bandits" attack, but von Markel (with some secret help from Zorro and Joaquin) fights back and drives them off, exciting the admiration (and passion!) of Carmen. The "bandits" escape with the treasure, but Zorro catches up with them and steals the jewels back.

婶子卡门已决定带着一批珠宝重返西班牙,并由大尉冯马克尔护送。佐罗和华金,知道韦尔塔肯定会让他的手下扮成土匪抢劫抢劫,所以暗中跟随。但卡们她们扎营过夜时,“土匪们”前来袭击。但冯马克尔(在佐罗和华金的秘密帮助下)击退了“土匪们”。这更激发了卡门对冯马克尔爱慕之情。 “土匪们”带着珠宝逃走,然而被佐罗追上并把珠宝偷了回来。
Diego begins an elaborate scheme, first with a scroll note from the dog, then a ransacked dining room marked with Z's, to make it appear that Zorro is plotting to kill the Governor. After "de la Serna" takes to his bed in fear, Huerta informs Diego that he has the perfect plan to capture Zorro. He says his men will capture Hortensia, lock her in a cage and cart her around the plaza until Zorro comes to rescue her. Soldiers will be everywhere, so Zorro cannot escape. Zorro outwits them by going straight to Hortensia's cell at the prison and waiting for her to arrive. He rescues Hortensia, and stays behind to distract the guards. Zorro escapes, and overhears Huerta and Garcia. Huerta says that only one other person knew of the plan. He rides off to the governor's mansion, and Zorro manages to get back just before Huerta arrives. Huerta and Diego argue a bit about Zorro, and it is clear that Huerta is suspicious. Diego then offers himself to be bait for Zorro.


The next day, Diego and Garcia go on a fishing trip. Soldiers are surrounding the area. Joaquin shows up as Zorro, and almost all the soldiers follow him. Eluding the soldiers, Joaquin rides to Brother Francisco's mission. Brother Francisco informs the children of Zorro's plan, and sends them out to different areas dressed as Zorro as distractions to the soldiers. Diego pretends to go to the carriage for a nap, but reappears as the real Zorro, telling Garcia he has the governor at gunpoint, and will "wring his neck and have him stuffed and fed to the dog" if Garcia doesn't do what he tells him.


Garcia, with Zorro, arrives at a mine run by forced slave labor. He orders the guards to release them all, or else Zorro will kill the Governor. With Brother Francisco's help, the slaves are freed, and Zorro tells Garcia to leave. Hortensia arrives and tells Zorro that Huerta and the soldiers are coming. When Zorro leaves with the carriage, Hortensia holds onto the back to ride with him.


Huerta and his men give chase. Zorro stops the carriage long enough to order Hortensia to leave, saying that the people need her. He kisses her, Hortensia leaves, and then Zorro drives the carriage off a cliff into the ocean. Hortensia looks over in disbelief, and Huerta arrives. Huerta says that now Nuova Aragon will have a new governor (himself) and Hortensia, if her parents know what's best for them, will have a husband.


On the day of the wedding, Brother Francisco and civilians arrive at the church in protest. Huerta orders the guards to arrest him, but they are reluctant to do so. To everyone's surprise (except Chico,)Zorro reappears unharmed. He battles soldiers on the roof of the church, while on the ground Kapitan von Markel assists the angry crown in handling the soldiers. Huerta grabs a soldier's pistol and shoots Brother Francisco at point-blank range, killing him and causing a riot to break out. Huerta's armed soldiers settle the riot down, and Zorro, feeling that Brother Francisco's murder has released him from his promise to Miguel de la Serna, begins a final showdown and duel to the death with Huerta. The fight goes on for many minutes, going from the doorstep of the church to the inside. During the duel Zorro repeats Huerta's trick with the candles, only better—splitting one in half. Later on, Zorro falls out through a stained glass window and Huerta believes Zorro is dead. However, Zorro reappears in the darkness of the bell tower and the fight continues. In the meantime, the dog Assassin prevents Garcia from interfering, causing the fat sergeant to back into and fall down a well. On the roof, Huerta says that either he or Zorro must die. Zorro then says, "Well then...let it be the moment of truth." and unmasks himself. In a simultaneous lunge, Diego kills Huerta, causing him to fall from the roof. The crowd looks on stunned, then bursts into applause. Zorro then appears in a valley on his horse, and in romantic fashion, rides off. The tyrant is dead. Justice has triumphed. Long live Zorro!






Zorro: " I want to show you what justice is"

Zorro: "If you don't know how to respect a woman, I'll have to teach you."




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