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2009-05-06 Bought back KFN,ACAS & FIG

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Today, I bought back the shares of ACAS and KFN I sold two days ago.ACAS had bad earning and had 30% drop. But ACAS may survive after sell euro asset. I believe. If he survived, this will be at least 40$ stock in five years.As I planed, if KFN dropped before ER, I will buy back. Normally, when stock drops before ER, the ER maybe beat. The last hour drop gave me a good chance to reload my shares.I also bought back some shares of FIG and added more shares of BX.I really believe BX will be GS someday later. BX has hire a guru from Citibanks. I believe more elites in TARF banks will join it and make it a really power house in wallstreet.I bought a little postion of ABK today. Just really like dollar stocks. IF ABK fall back under 1$, I will sell it. I will not hold stocks under 1$.Anyway, the bank stress test is over. I now feel much better for the market and believe market will keep rise for a while.If you jumpped the train, you will not have another changes to ride it.
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