Tony's stock investment

I will wrote down everyday's thought about stock

4-30-2009 So lucky this time

(2009-04-30 09:35:46) 下一个
I sold psun at 1 $ and it went to 3+.
I sold AAI at 4 and it went to 6+.
I sold CACH at 2 and it is 4+.

But last time, I finally sold some stocks right.

I got rid of all insurance companies. AIG, MBI. I  felt they will be last to recover even stock market will go up.Normally, stock market will recover 6 months before econmy and employment. But those 6 months will be darkest time for insurance companies. 

I bought more for LVS and ACAS. Those companies main issue is their debt refiancing. There are some signs that company starts to find a way to get finance. Looks at MGM.

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