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Shop Smart Get Rich

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Revolutionary shopping experience

Turn your daily shopping expense into your favorite products

Shop and get paid - Ask us how

Did you shop online at these popular stores today?

and more

Did you know that you can benefit from our preferred customer program - maRewards

What is the ma Rewards™ program?

How would you like to be rewarded for every purchase you make online? It's easy you can do it! ma Rewards™ is the program that gives back by rewarding you for the purchases you make online at: 

How do I get points?

Shop online anytime at this website or visit any of our partner sites to begin earning points. You will earn two points per dollar spent at our website or qualifying partner sites, redeemable for ma products.

Are there any other benefits?

YES! It gets even better! Sign up for the Market America MasterCard and earn an extra point for every dollar you spend using the card on purchases you make anywhere!

As a bonus, depending on the product for which you are approved, you will earn 750 to 1,000 bonus points by activating the card and using it for the first time.

How do I get started?

Sign up with the simple three-step questionnaire to your right to create your Preferred Customer account. It's that easy!

Remember to make your shopping count by signing in to your Market America account before shopping on partner sites.

Click "marewards" button from the top right tab and you will be lead to the sign up page.

Sign up and remember your member ID /e-mail and password

Every time before you shopping make sure you sign in first so all your transactions are being recorded

To view/redeem your points click " Your Account" from the top menu

You buy a computer through partner store "Best Buy" at USD 1500

You get 3000 customer reward points ( every dollar spend you receive 2 points)

You may redeem:

2 bottle of OPC-3 at 1040/each or

12 bottles of Royal Spa® Imperial Blend Bath & Shower Gel 1040 points/case (6 bottles)

2 bottle of 1 VitaShield® Intensive Eye Firming cream at 1081points/each
Retail Price: $41.50 plus Tax/Shipping

Shop More and enjoy your free favorite products!


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