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How to Find The Job You Love - Road to Financial Freedom -017.


Hey, it’s Dr. Liu here with Better LIFE Research TIPS. In this video, I will discuss how to find a job we love and how to get financial freedom through our own efforts. It is really a big topic deserve a lot of time, but I will try to make it simple and clear.

When talking about what to do in your life, there may be 4 choices. The first is, things you love. If you do what you love, you will be happy. The second is, things people pay you. It will make you live better. The third is, things the world need. If you think what you are doing is meaningful to the world, you will be more motivated in your work. The fourth is, things you are good at. If you are good at what you are doing, you have more chance to succeed.

When we face these four choices, how should we choose? Many people may be tempted to choose things you love, or things people pay you, because everybody want to be happy and wealthy. But the problem is that, these two choices are usually not as stable as the other two choices. Love is an emotion, and emotion change over time. Our love for a job could easily fade when we are not good at it. Also, people may pay you now for what you do due to temporary situations such as temporary information unbalance. But if we are not really good at our job, or the job is not really needed by the world. We will likely be replaced sooner or later. If we have a job that we love and people pay us, I will say that is good luck. But we can not build our life based on luck. It would be better to focus on something more stable and reliable, and something we can control. And they are things we are good at, and things the world need. Things you love and things people pay you should only be treated as a hobby or a side job.

We could love to do something for different reasons. Our love for something is often affected by other people, or the environment, or could be just due to insufficient knowledge, and thus they are easy to change over time. But if there is something, we love it because we are good at it. I will say, that kind of love has a stronger base, and that is the thing we should focus. And that love can also grow as we become better and better on it. In fact, that is the most common source of the persistent passion we see in many successful people. Another source of persistent passion on a job is when we take it as our mission because we think it is needed by the world. The key is, if we do not have persistent passion on our job, we could never be successful. In order to obtain that persistent passion, first we need to understand ourselves to be able to find our strength, and second we should understand the world to be able to identify its need that we could meet. The combination of things you are good at and things the world need make a strong base of a profession. Also, we need to keep in mind, it is not what we do once in a while that shape our profession, it is what we do consistently. To be professional, we’d better consistently accumulate our strength, and also consistently explore the world to keep being sensitive to its real needs.

You may argue that, do things we are good at could be a boring job. You may be right. And that is why we should keep challenging ourselves in the work we are already good at. If we always succeed in our work, we will feel bored. If we always fail in our work, we will feel frustrated. But there is a certain point of success rate, at which, we don’t feel bored or frustrated, instead, we feel exited and motivated. That point of success rate is around 84%, which is determined by computer simulation. At 84% success rate, we are most likely to learn better and quicker, and we are more likely to be motivated to work harder. Not only we will have a sense of accomplishment, but also we will grow fast. As a result, we will have more confidence and love for what we do. Therefore, the best way to build a profession we love is to consistently invest time in cultivating our strength, and keep challenging ourselves at an appropriate level. In the long term, a profession based on our growing strength will bring more luck in our life, and we will have more chance to get the financial freedom we want.

Before the discussion of financial freedom, let’s make it clear what is financial freedom. One best definition I heard is, when we no longer have to sell our time to make a living, we have financial freedom. We are talking about achieving financial freedom though our own efforts, not by inheriting a big fortune, winning a lottery, or being a very smart and lucky investor. That is a different topic. In order to achieve financial freedom through our own honest efforts, there are basically just two ways to do it. The first way is to increase the value we can generate per unit of time. This usually can only be achieved through long term consistent efforts to continuously improve our skills, especially, to strengthen our strength, making it stronger and stronger. The second way is to create long lasting products that meet the needs of the world. The products can be patents, books, videos, or other intellectual properties that condense our wisdom. Good products can keep generating value even when the author has retired and stopped working, and thus they could bring the real total financial freedom.

Thanks for watching, I am Dr. Liu with research tips for the underdogs. Everybody wants financial freedom. The most reliable way to earn it is by making ourselves valuable or by creating valuable products through our consistent efforts. Until next time, let’s keep our consistent efforts to make our strength stronger, and to get closer and closer to the financial freedom we deserve. Don’t forget to subscribe for more videos coming every week!

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