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Stories of Companies & Designers
In 1867 Bernhard Ulmann founded a company which he named Bernhard Ulman Company Incorporated (Lace, Linen, and Accessories). Later the name was shortened to Bucilla, an acronym of the longer name. Ulmann began by selling silk-screened embroidery designs from a push-cart on the streets of New York. He opened a retail store in 1870, but by 1875 he was selling his products to other retailers.
The company developed the Mellina brand of knitting yarn in the early 1900s. This yarn was of exceptionally high quality and, for a time, comprised 70% of the company’s sales. Bucilla also published books and patterns and sold threads, yarns, needlepoint kits, embroidery, crochet and knitting items, and quilt kits. Goods stamped for embroidery often had areas that were tinted.
In 1922 Ulmann sold the company as an Employee Stock Option Purchase to his employees. During the 1920s and 1930s catalogs were printed. The 1932-33 catalog was 32 pages long and listed company branch offices in New York, Chicago, and San Francisco.
Bucilla was a prominent advertiser in McCall’s Needlework & Crafts magazine. Their advertisement was usually found on the inside front cover and was a full-page colored ad. One or more quilt kits can be found in most of the advertisements. In the early years most of the quilt kits were appliqué kits. Cross- stitch embroidery kits were introduced with the ad for Zeke the Scarecrow in McCall’s Needlework & Crafts Fall-Winter 1956-57. In the years following, most of the Bucilla quilt kits were cross-stitch embroidery kits. Many of the crib and youth kits were done on pre-quilted fabric.
The company changed hands several times, being sold to Indian Head Corporation in 1962; to Hannson Trust (a Swedish company) in 1966; to Armour-Dial, a division of Greyhound Corporation in 1977; to private investors in 1983; and to Dyson-Kissner-Moran Corporation in 1996, where it was placed under the direction of Plaid Enterprises. This is where it continues to operate today.
In an industry where companies had relatively short lives, Bucilla has been in business for over 140 years. Its ability to adapt to the ever-changing demands of consumers made it a leader in the industry. As different types of needlework became popular and then waned, Bucilla was able to respond to what the customers desired.
Bucilla Needlework Products; Fall-Winter 1932-33 catalog
Various Bucilla catalogs from 1927 through 1939 www.plaidonline.com, Plain Enterprises website, “Bucilla’s History”
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 Stories of Companies & Designers


 1867 年,Bernhard Ulmann 创立了一家公司,他将其命名为 Bernhard Ulman Company Incorporated(蕾丝、亚麻布和配饰)。 后来这个名字被缩短为 Bucilla,一个较长名字的首字母缩写词。 乌尔曼首先在纽约街头的手推车上销售丝网刺绣设计。 他于 1870 年开设了一家零售店,但到 1875 年,他将产品销售给其他零售商。
 该公司在 1900 年代初期开发了 Mellina 品牌针织纱。 这种纱线质量非常高,一度占公司销售额的 70%。  Bucilla 还出版书籍和图案,并出售线、纱线、针尖套件、刺绣、钩针和针织物以及被子套件。 带有刺绣印章的商品通常有染色的区域。
 1922 年,乌尔曼将公司作为员工股票期权购买出售给他的员工。 在 1920 年代和 1930 年代,印刷了目录。  1932-33 年的目录长达 32 页,在纽约、芝加哥和旧金山设有上市公司分支机构。
 Bucilla 是 McCall 的 Needlework & Crafts 杂志的著名广告商。 他们的广告通常出现在封面内页,并且是整页的彩色广告。 在大多数广告中都可以找到一个或多个被子套件。 早些年,大多数被子套件都是贴花套件。 十字绣刺绣套件随麦考尔 1956-57 年秋冬季的刺绣与手工艺品中稻草人泽克的广告一起出现。 在接下来的几年里,大部分 Bucilla 被子套件都是十字绣刺绣套件。 许多婴儿床和青少年套装都是用预绗缝织物制成的。
 公司多次易手,1962年被卖给Indian Head Corporation;  1966 年到 Hannson Trust(一家瑞典公司);  1977 年到 Armour-Dial,Greyhound Corporation 的一个部门;  1983 年对私人投资者开放; 并于 1996 年转移到 Dyson-Kissner-Moran Corporation,在那里它被置于 Plaid Enterprises 的指导下。 这是它今天继续运作的地方。
 在一个公司寿命相对较短的行业中,Bucilla 已经经营了 140 多年。 其适应消费者不断变化的需求的能力使其成为行业的领导者。 随着不同类型的针线活变得流行然后逐渐减弱,Bucilla 能够满足客户的需求。
 Bucilla 针线活产品;  1932-33 秋冬目录
 1927 年至 1939 年的各种 Bucilla 目录 www.plaidonline.com,Plain Enterprises 网站,“Bucilla 的历史”
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