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【四季印象派 原创Music Poem】音乐日记 夏天的颜色 倒影池和花园 清新, 纯洁, 浪漫而又宁静 chuntianle

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春天了印象派 原创音乐诗篇】音乐日记 - 夏天的颜色 倒影池和花园 || 清新,纯洁, 浪漫而又宁静 by chuntianle 

四季印象派:2019年的旋律 绘画/摄影/制作 chuntianle 

To My Dear Love and Myself
Chuntianle Impressionism Self Composed Music Poem: Music Diary - Summer Colors Reflecting Pool and Garden. Fresh, Pure, Romantic and Quiet


I can't forget! 

I enjoy writing diary with music instead of writing with words, just like music poem, very exicting.
Winter is coming, I am still in my summer. It was the summer of 2019, I was wandering around the reflection pool and in the botanical garden, fresh and pure and quiet......

I walked down the Mall,
in the summer sunlight, 
white cloud moving in the blue sky,
water rippling on the surface of the water,
beautiful ducks swimming in the love river.

I walked along in the landscape,
in the four season valley,
flowers blossoming in the botanic alley,
little bees seeking honey in the rose mallow,
butterfly kissing black-eyed Susan in the shadow.

Farewell my summer,
reflecting pool and flowers;
farewell my dear baby, 
you’re living in my music diary……

印象的倒影:绘画/摄影/制作 chuntianle 

Copyright © 2019 chuntianle. All rights reserved.

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