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【感恩2019】【四季印象派 宗教题材】【春天的赞美诗】 《为你的圣名唱一首新歌》 远方仿佛传来教堂的圣歌,神圣虔诚,平安喜乐

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在天上的父,愿你的名为圣,愿你的国降临,愿你的旨意行在地上如同行在天上...... 阿门。-主祷文


【春天了印象派 宗教题材】【春天的赞美诗】 《为你的圣名唱一首新歌》 庄严,神圣,虔诚,平安,喜乐 Praise You

四季印象派:2019年的旋律 创意/词/曲/编/绘画/摄影/制作 chuntianle 

To My Dear Love and Myself
Chuntianle Impressionism Self Composed Religious Song: Sing a New Song to Your Name
- Solemn, Holy, Devout,Joyful and Peaceful

Sing a New Song to Your Name
A Hymn by chuntianle

I will praise you my Lord,
All-powerful Lord;
Sing a new song to your name,
For your ruin to the world.

Sing to mountains, sing to sea,
Sing to almighty Lord;
Praise holy Lord,
Devote myself to you.

Every creature honors the Lord, 
All-powerful Lord;
Sing a new song to your presence,
For your love to the world.

A Hymn, A Short Story, and An Original Music Video
I composed this Hymn in the late winter and early spring in 2019, no lyrics at that time. Time went fast, I took this opportunity to write the lyrics for this song during Thanksgiving. This hymn sounds solemn, holy; the voice of soprano makes me feel joyful and peaceful; and the lyrics is beautuful and inspirational, organically integrated with the melody. Happy Thanksgiving!


四季印象派:春天的夏天 创意/绘画/制作 chuntianle 

Our Father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy Name,thy kingdom come,
thy will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven......

Amen. -----The Lord's Prayer
Today is Sunday. Here I express my gratitude and blessings with the hymn I composed,Sing a New Song to Your Name! 

印象的倒影:创意/词/曲/编/绘画/摄影/制作 chuntianle

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